Food Fight Ep.1


Aisle five was under assault. Spuds the size of alarm clocks crashing into cereal boxes, sprinkling Apple Jacks across the beige quartz flooring. Eggo’s are flying overhead the aisles like bullets. The spud firing pauses. David decides this is his time. Clutching the box of Milk Bones heading towards the exit. Aisle six and seven have collapsed towards produce. Aaron and Kristen should still be around aisle nine near produce for waffles and potatoes. They never stray to far from their ammo. David looks towards the checkout aisles. Cashiers have abandoned their post and left the checkout light on. I need to get Daisy. David steps carefully around the cereal to stay silent and sliding into the deli section. Daisy, was out cold next to a bruised spud. Daisy’s breathing is light and nearly absent, her eyes closed and uninviting, and the flash key clutched in her right fist. David takes the flash key and put its in his jean pocket. Tequila and a lighter lay next to her, well she had a last wish.

Kristen tiptoed passed the aisle six, disk shooter in hand and waffles loaded. Kristen’s brown hair rested on her shoulders. Ripped green hoodie across her right shoulder revealing a bare shoulder-blade. Loose jeans tied at the ankle with the laces of her brown boots. Kristen continues making pace towards aisle five. They think I had the key. Sweat spawned on the brow of Kristen, moving ever slowly. No sight of Aaron. The spud barrage has continued to cease. Kristen greets aisle five slowly and cautiously. David waits for her to be out of sight and tip toes to aisle eight.

“Kris! Did we get that fucker,” Aaron shouted from the produce section.

“He’s not here. His girlfriend neither.”

“She’s behind the meat counter. Finish her and ill look for the other bastard. Were dead if we don’t get that key ya hear.”

Kristen dropped the caution and walked boldly towards the counter. David removed a large bone from the box, waiting. Kristen jumped the counter and ate a Milk Bone to her upper lip. Kristen pulls the trigger in shock. The waffle slices through the air and David’s cheek bone. Blood burst from the gash and falling backwards over Daisy’s unconscious body.

The noise alerts Aaron since potato’s started sailing into the deli department. Kristen stretches for the disk shooter desperately. Finger tips away before David recovers and kicks the shooter away. Spuds crash into the glass containers spreading shards across the floor. David crawls on fours to get to Daisy, she is uncovered and unprotected, and get her to safety. Kristen repeat dives to her disk shooter the second she saw David retreat. Spuds continuosly exploding when they make contact with wall. Kristen crouch walks, disk shooter in hand, hunting Daisy and David. David hides Daisy under a table when Daisy presses the disk gun to the back of David’s head.

“The key. Now.”

“Whatever you say,” David says elbowing the disk shooter into the bottom lip of Kristen, standing her up and launching a waffle right into the ceiling. Blood spews from the head of Kristen, but not from her lips. Kristen falls face first into the cold glass filled tiles revealing the crushed vegetable.

“Kristen. Hey Kristen. Are you okay? Kristen,” Aaron says sprinting from the cashier side to the deli side. Aaron has a gash over his nose that muffles his voice. Aaron has a shaved head while wearing black on black and matching boots with Kristen. David wields the foreign weapon, peers over the counter and catches an unsuspecting Aaron with a waffle in between the brow. Aaron joins Kristen and falls face first into the Apple Jacks. David throws Daisy over his shoulder and head towards the exit.


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