Poetry · Writing


two months ago

they threw us in cages

locked away the key

hidden under


nothing, floating concepts

thin layer of blue fabric

and six feet apart.

two months ago

we had to re learn

what was important

how to live

self sufficiently

Poetry · Writing


message read

where have you gone

not the same as you were

where did the old you go.

i am right here.

detox is a process

rid of poison

that snuck up on me

veins purple

singing turtle

got stuck

in oblivion;

so i’ve been climbing,

found a motive worth this trail

the top

has never been

more in sight

Poetry · Writing


they keep coming; to room 306-

they checked in, locked the door, and dissapeared-

they order room service, but no one is their to pick it up

they call it ghost

hunters come with their cameras

leave ith empty pockets

all to see room 306.

i’ve seen him, not a they, a he

he comes late and leaves early

he orders food just before he arrives

he doesn’t communicate anymore

just a being

exisiting in a shell

the hunters were so close

to catching a real ghost

Poetry · Writing

heart to heart

you dropped the ball

you missed an opportunity

she was reaching out

but you seemed


like you didn’t give a shit;

two frames and no pictures

math without numbers

paper without desk

water with frogs without lilies;

can only swim in cold water

long enough to take two breathes

not to waste on insincere feelings