Food Fight Ep.2


Lauren’s hand straight and steady. Daisy has been in there a long time. This rifle, Ramon, over this lengthy twenty-four hour patrol shift has begun to gain weight. Lauren rests on an ice chest waiting to be relieved. Daisy was supposed to be quick. David pacing  on the KFC rooftop kicking a rock into the ice chest. Focus unbroken, Lauren’s eyes locked on to the Stater Bros. Nobody has left or entered since Daisy, yet, she’s been in there for an hour. Something’s wrong.

David is beyond restless waiting for his sister. David has been apart of the this pack for only a month and he’s been an excellent ally. He has messy light brown hair and dark brown eyes. His snow coat is torn in several places and the same with his jeans. The black combat boots and his p-shooter were the only appeal he up kept.

“Something’s wrong. I’m going in after her,”  David said heading towards the latter.

“She said to let her handle this.”

“Daisy could be in trouble.”

Lauren exhales, “I’ll cover you.” David rushes down the ladder p-shooter strapped to his back. David has never lacked courage, and cliché of course, he’s not the brightest tool in the shed. He would do anything for his sister and that might make him dangerous.

The parking lot was idle. Only a pair of Honda’s unoccupied existed in the waste land. David took to the lot cautiously. He looked like a car in an empty freeway. A horn rang from the east side of the lot followed b a pair of jeeps and shooting. Time to go to work Ramon.  Lauren rested Ramon on the ground and opened the ice chest. An icy pack of bears was selected. Loading Ramon with a bear, a green one with an arm missing, rested him on the ice chest. A bear for Ramon and a bear for me. Sight steadying focusing on the jeep.

Five outlaws exited the jeeps and were shouting at David. It’s impossible to make out the words from here but they weren’t shooting and just talking. David did have his p-shooter in hand and the outlaws all carried citrus blasters. I’ve never seen outlaws talk for so long. Through the scope, one of the outlaws was shaved bald and wore a letter man jacket. Two of them wore identical blue stripped shirt and brown combat boots. Another had a mo-hawk and a tattoo of a dragon on his right shoulder. The last and definitely the leader was talking to David and sported a yellow tank and shutter shades. David began shouting at the leader and the leader didn’t seem happy. Make a move Lauren. The cross-hairs rested on the tip of the mo-hawk and fired. The freed gummy floated and sank into the skull of the outlaw dropping him to the ground. Ten points.

David jumped behind the closest Honda and began firing at the outlaw. Feeding hungry, Ramon ate bear, taking aim at one of the stripped twins and fired. The second bear landed in the back of the head. The force knocked him into the ground face first into the asphalt. Twenty points. David tagged the other twin three times with the p-shooter and he fell. The leader charged  David discharging oranges into the windshield shattering the glass and another into the door leaving a dent the size of a giants fist. The third orange crushed the barrel of David’s p-shooter and turned it into a forsaken hose. Going for thirds, Lauren takes sight on the leader’s yellow tank and fires. The sprinting leather man intercepted this one rushing to finish David and take the glory. That’s at least five points. David rushes the leader to no effect. Out sized and out gunned the leader pushes David aside. With quickness David reaches for leather man jackets citrus blaster and puts a crater into the breast of the leader.

David sets aside the citrus blaster and rushes into Stater Bros. Slight exhale, Lauren takes her first breath since the disagreement. Ramon you fatty, eating all the bears! Stretching out her legs and the lids of her eyes began to sink. The horn blows from the south. Round two.

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