Food Fight Ep.3


Mark stands quietly over the argument. The warehouse the Exiles are sheltered in is run down and safe, for now. Tirsten and Luke don’t like this deal, yet Daisy and David are persistent.

“We can’t waste our time at the grocery store. That has trap written all over it,” Tristen said.

“The rewards out way the risk. If we can do this trade you will be kissing my ass,” Daisy said with a devilishly sly smirk.

“And if we don’t? Whose going to sacrifice their life?” David stands behind his sister and crosses his arm. Lauren sitting on a crate holding Ramon waves her bare right hand.

“Guess I have some volunteers.”

“How do you know we can trust this guy? What makes you think he’ll be there and not Outlaws? Or even Spoils, Luke said now concerned that Lauren is involved.

“He’s my guy. I’ve known him before the world went to shit. I can trust him. We can trust him.”

Marks heard enough, “We can send Daisy and David and Lauren, if she really wants to, for the trade. This is your deal and I won’t risk my guys.” Daisy nods and walks off with David. Lauren shrugs to Luke and walks behind the siblings.

Luke’s big blues eyes are full of sadness and concern. Taller than most of the group, stands shoulder to shoulder with Mark. Dirty messy golden hair covered his ears. Wears the clothes from Daisy and David successful raid from the Penny. An unbuttoned dark grey thermal and lose tan cargo pants and black all-stars. His neck was covered by a dark green scarf. Luke’s a young child only fifteen, like Lauren, unfortunate they were born in this era. Poor kid cares about her.

“Did you have to let her go,” Luke said.

“It wasn’t my call. It was hers.” Luke didn’t like the answer and stormed off.

Tristen is older than Luke, yet, not as tall. Just below Mark’s shoulder Tristen’s crew cut started. Short black hair trimmed neat and often. Dark eyes with unforgiving bags. An old grey hoodie covers the beer belly, Tristen, use to feed often wearing black pants and black combat boots. Tristen still seems uneasy about the decision that was made.

“Your sure about this Mark?”

“No. We need to make a move on the Walgreens. We’re out of antibiotics and Lauren said she hasn’t seen any Outlaws or Spoils. Should make a move with Luke and Brittany before they find it.” Tristen nods and walks off dragging his boots. The over head light flickers. Tiny beams of sunlight sneak through the plaster and boards.

Your gonna get them all killed. Your wrong. I can lead them. Sending Lauren is a mistake. Your wrong to trust Daisy and David. Their spies and you know it. Have to trust people. If not we are no better than Spoils or Outlaws. Fucking idiot.

“You okay Marky?” Mark shook his head, didn’t even hear her.

“Yeah Lauren, I’m fine. Do me a favor and brief Brittany on the Walgreens for a raid. Going to send them while the trade goes down.”

“Hey! That’s the job I was scoping out. Ramon and I have dibs.”

“Unless you can be in two places at once.”

“Fine fine. I’ll brief em. Will be back before you know it Marky.” Lauren skipped off with a frozen bag.

You’ll never see them again. Their fighters, of course we will.



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