Food Fight Ep.4

General Gonzalez

The camp was a well oiled machine. A large fence protects the camp. Several guards patrolling the fence, wielding  WN rifles and police riot gear, looking for the slightest change in familiarity. A single wooden sniper nest is home to Caitlyn, the most proficient Spoil with a WN rifle. A tomato garden flourishes under the fair sun. Botany expert, Martha, always in reaching distance like Caitlyn and her rifle. Yang teaching history to the a couple of the children about the world before the bomb.

General Felix Gonzalez stand six feet and four inches high two-twenty pounds. Wide shoulders and broad chest. Unshaven face, covering a strong jawline and impeccable cheek bones. Black hair, crew cut, tight and neat. Black and grey eyes with a razor sharp edge flowing with wisdom and power. Black bullet proof vest covered by a onyx flight jacket with a patch on the right shoulder with a shark fresh after a kill. Crisp black work trousers and shin high dark brown military combat boots. General Gonzalez watches his people every morning and every evening.

Caitlyn walking into the General’s chambers. Caitlyn was five foot five just around a hundred pounds. Outlined cheek and jawline and her cheeks looked like they’re being sucked in by a vacuum. Emerald eyes with a tint of darkness, a hint of secrecy. Light long brown hair tied in a ponytail with a few strands dangling on her brow. Full developed breast covered with an identical flight jacket, except for the size, covering a t-shirt that says AC-DC . Fitted black work trousers and lower cut military combat boots.

“Lex made contact with the Outlaws. Says Exiles beat them to it,” Caitlyn said. The general began pacing, tying his arms behind his back. Caitlyn just watching the general patiently.

“Where is Lex now?”

“Still by the Walgreens.”

“Remain scouting. No engage. Got it?” Caitlyn turns quietly and exits. General watches Caitlyn head back to the walkie and relay the orders. The glass is strong and hard to make out the words, yet, Caitlyn seems uneasy. Caitlyn struts quickly, returns back to the general, worried.

“It’s Kristen.”


“No word. An ambush from the Outlaws.”

“Did the flower plan this?”

“Doubt it. My guess, an Outlaw scout.”

“Can we spare guys and get Kristen out?”

“She brought Aaron with her but we have Ki and Newman to spare.”

With a deep breath from the general, “Send them.” Caitlyn nods and exits for the second time.

Deja vu, watching Caitlyn making the call on the walkie. Martha still hard at work with her ammo. Yang still teaching the kids about the constitution. General looks about with disapproval with a concerning feeling building in his belly. If the flower did this, she must have leverage to make a move. General didn’t like the smell of this and won’t take any chances with her. Caitlyn, off the walkie, nods at the General and Ki and Newman exit the fence jeep, spud shooters, and battle horn loaded.



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