Trainer Orange

The sky is clear blue, a dozen Spearow flew above. Tall pine, home to a  wild Caterpie, thick wide trunks with a center hole. A child swing attached to a wide out reached branch from the pine. Franklin Walsh sat on the porch looking at the swing. He loved swinging, just new interest overcame. Now Franklin wants to begin his Pokemon adventure. Franklin just turned twelve and Red, his idle, was almost eleven when he started his adventure. It was time. Franklin clutched a white sphere with a red lining across the center and around the button. Franklin’s mother said she would give him his first Pokemon, yet, she’s not around much.


“Yeah dad?”

“She’ll be here. No worries. She said it will be the coolest Pokemon.” That conversation happened a long time ago. It just dad and me. He doesn’t like Pokemon so much, just the little ones and the Caterpie that has taken shelter in the family tree. Franklin’s mom was a Pokemon trainer, a good one from the little he knows of her, and is always on an adventure.

Franklin didn’t want to wait. He recites the stories he’s heard of Red. Battling the rain storm, traveling to the distant lands, competing against the Elite Four. That’s my dream. I heard he was even in the Orange Island for a while. He was here and I missed him. The empty ball tightens around Franklin’s hands. He would never know. Franklin runs. The high grass isn’t far from his house. Or maybe to the docks for a water Pokemon. The tall grass near rustled. A Pokemon! Without a second though, Franklin hurls the Premier Ball towards the grass. The ball pops into the air and bright red light emits and absorbs into the ball. The Premiere ball button glowed red. The ball shakes once. Please. The ball shake twice. Please please. A third. Franklin holds his breath, watching. The red fades from the button and the ball ceases. Franklin, still as a Snorlax, watched the ball in awe. I did it. 

“I did it,” Franklin said rushing to meet his new lifelong partner. Franklin’s father, erupts from the house and rushed to his side, fearing the worst.

“You used the Priemer ball? I thought you were saving that?” Franklin’s dad notices the red light eminating from the ball, “What did you catch son?” Franklin couldn’t respond and just held the ball. Finally, pushing the center button, the red beam of light returned and his friend emerged.

The Pokemon a short tail of berry red waves. Curls on the Pokemon’s head with strands reaching almost to her black nose. A skin color of brick-red and mud colored paws. Pointy outstretched ears, also mud colored, and a white fur underbelly. Her crocodile green eyes staring right back at Franklin. I’ve never seen a Pokemon so so beautiful.

“What is it dad?”

“That’s a rare Pokemon here on the island son. Can’t say I’ve ever seen one here. That’s a Vulpix.”


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