Trainer Orange Ep. 19

Franklin shook in place. Fingers tingled at the final ball. Crowd fell to the crowning lights and Franklin felt their animosity.

Julie showed her final ball, a yellow ball with black webbing, thrown high into the lights transformed into candy red. The Pokemon that emerged wore a grand crimson flower atop its slim berry body.

“That is a rare one, we have a Vileplume! Lucky for the gym leader’s daughter!” The crowd broke their silence and cheered for Julie.

Vileplume’s beady dark red eyes shook as it tried to maintain balance. Franklin peered at his remaining Pokeball and into the faceless crowd.

“You can do it Franklin” He turned and met his fathers eyes.

Franklin, loss of breath and grips the Pokeball tightly and launched it forward at Vileplume.

The Pokemon that emerged was a familiar sight, “Another rare one on the islands, it’s a Vulpix!”

Franklin’s wide eyes shook and his palms fell open, jaw quivered, “Last round trainers, let’s battle!”

Franklin curled his fist and replaced the shake in his eyes with fire, “Vulpix, fire spin!”

Vulpix spewed swirl fire flames towards an unprepared Vileplume and became immersed in super effective fire.

Julie looked side to side looking for a way to save her Pokemon.  Vileplume mimicked her trainers actions and stood idle.

“Vulpix, flame wheel!” Vileplume only saw the spin and wheel crashed into its torso propelling back into a firm stone. The spin concluded and Vulpix emerged from a flame cocoon in front of Vileplume.

“Vileplume is unable to battle, Vulpix, and Franklin win the match!” The crowd, to Franklin’s surprise, cheered.


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