Poetry · Writing

Come Back to Earth

find us on the moon

won’t be back anytime soon

meteor hoppin’

come crashing back


eye sore and

I soar beyond gravity

just looking for a way out of my head

trapped and I’m feeling the stress

blessed. and it’s gone.


strapped and removing distress-

alternate reality

chasing the stars back on the moon

we never left

moving the planets like a game of pool.


break- corner pocket

milky way smoothie

leasing the night and crashing on Mars.

Poetry · Writing


I stare at a picture

patterns of vision

I see our future

picture a vision:


couple of kids- white loaded fence

and two-story- puppers or two

our story;

one thing at time-


been through hell and back-

two times and we’re back

not enough time for that

it kills me-


it takes some finesse

can’t hide any of that

you stay on my mind

all the time- all the time


trials and more

bless it wouldn’t be half of what it is

if it was anybody else

but you.

Poetry · Writing

Blue Wind

Believe that it’s our time

waiting on a Blue wind.

Fleeting birds leave the branches

wanting–daunting breeze left.

The song is playing–one note at a

time in autumn will change the station

where are you-where are you

going and it’s gone.

singing trees and melt the blue wind

the wind will crush the leaves

and crumble will finish the song.

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Risky Rhyme

Tie breaker

signing the papers you’re not a deal breaker

throwing checks at the window I’m not a faker

maker playmaker visa on the table it’s a buy not a rental.

It’s the real deal

hooked up to my veins

I payed in blood

and will celebrate with a hunt.

Your silent charm is mesmerizing

two looks it’s surprising

fielding the ball out of play

home run in the month of may

won’t rest on a shelf

towers of confidence in myself

but not in what I do

it’s an illness worse then the flu

the check is cashed and balance

all the fears very vaild

trust just a little and it’ll grease the wheels

It’ll only get better I’m head over heels

Poetry · Writing


Rolling in the deep end

letting someone new in

drives you crazy.

Rolling in the deep

throw a dell out the window

still couldn’t stay away.

Featured in Time magazine

without a watch

counting the seconds fly by:

no one’s watching,

two times I called and the answering machine is the only one to comfort me

and no one’s watching.

Wasting time counting the time

should be searching every nook

together for Oblivion

yet we’re fighting for a chance

to stay alive in a world where

Oblivion is everything.

The map rest in our lap

we cover it with song lyrics and a history book

we disregard the map, I found you there

lying at the door without a ticket.

a couple bucks for parking

snubbed at the door.

We have the map

the door you’ve seen up close.

Poetry · Writing

Black & White

it’s bare ridden wasteland.

Everything is bare

plain to see

plain to look at-

the outer work of a masterpiece.

Until the first spec

tiny fragment of color

enters your pallet.

Shes magnificent-

black and white is all he knew-

color splats from idea and creation

but never enough

to cover an entire piece.

she can cover this-

just the taste adds light and texture

only found in the make believe.

he needs more-

he needs her to help create.

Poetry · Writing

October Night

Blink and it’s on:

the rabbits out of the hat

and there is no looking back

at it all up and it’s my chips running flat

back to the ring up

colleague checks bounce back

coliseum never call back

and the rabbits back in its hat.

There it went.

One minute and it’s back to the lab

work on the flow until it’s flawless and they’ll call back.

Poetry · Writing

The Lovely Bard

I see you

no light

with a fist of a fight

and you keep it tight

I see you.

and it’s beautiful~

the light kisses your tilted brow

as you watch slanted ice fall from

the roof of a mountain.

You can breathe in her life-

follow her pen cutting through the paper like cotton candy.

and I follow every word like a musician

-a note for a note playing flute

-creating from a jazzy song

wheels always turning

down the hill

momentum to leave this planet

and everyone will watch her fly.

Poetry · Writing

Loony Bin

i fear i’ll go insane

miss a dot over an i

trade an eye for a slippery slope

and float- away.

i question everything

without concrete grasp it slips

and one day i’ll flip and trade what i believe

for a handmade hand.

i can tell you’ll worry

it’s not a matter of time or work

more of a when a dime doesn’t stop spinning

and i’ll be trapped with carved tallies


remembering the follies one at a time.

i can break the loop

the key will hide itself

with a keystroke it’ll be here nor there

but i’ll be gone.


you’ll find me

cradled with a candle and lighter

chasing my shadow away

so i can have true solitude.

you’ll try to save me

but i’ve already saved myself

from demons that can no longer exist

in a body of complete forfeit.

you’ll bring pictures

a dinner we once had

a kiss we once shared

a time where time was just a measurement and not a hysterical critique

and i’ll beg my shadow to return.

Poetry · Writing

Straight Through the Fork

Never saw this path-

hidden under rubble

under a table

couple sugar packets

a signature feast

but this is the one.

Never felt a route like this

believe or believe

only two choices left

garden of eden

apple for feast

but this is the one.

Never one even close

sacred and unleashed

carrying the weight of the world

for two of these

under oblivion

but it’s our time.

Never questioned why

it happened under our breathe

silent yet dangerous

a higher order or power

that set that meeting

a fateful day

but it’s not over.