Poetry · Writing


Clarity- figure all this out,

a problem I didn’t do the math to get.

Waiting by the window, a force

is on its way just sit and enjoy the view

comfortably, didn’t know

breathing would be this easy

an inhaler when I’m coughin’

tossin’ and you’re the cover

when it’s cold out. Just a smile

from you and I’ll carry it

like a trophy from my little one

hold me down, calm me down

and you’re still around.

It’s a full day, a break in May

beggin’ you to stay

the lens of my mind a true find

one of a kind and I’m sleeping fine.

You take away the pain and I thank you for that

If I ever get the chance, bet I’m paying you back.

I’mma be waiting for that

Poetry · Writing

Rant of a Yesterday Boy

What would you have done?

Hiding in plain sight

reading between the lines-

a loss of word.

It’ll keep you up

heartbeat in your palms

and tempted-

it’s a memory.

The rant of a yesterday boy

and today is a day not

for day dreams.

Helpless then but I can

today, said by the boy yesterday

and the day before

the day before

day before.

Poetry · Writing

Ghost Hunting

Well I well I well I

feel like this is it

either all in or all out

won’t tap out fear these words from my mouth

pull it out find the figure pull the trigger now you’re done talkin’ shit

now that’s a foul one-

too dizzy to pull up on.


but this is different shit

feedin’ me all that different shit

bullshit is still bullshit tell me the light has changed

we’re still unchanged until I become unchained and peel off this paint-

some beastly shit

still can’t touch me though

it’s easier to say you’re a ghost then to say you touched me

so just keep your hands fallin’ through

no follow tho and we keep up on

all these ghosts we sight seein’ but it was nice meetin’

just play some duck hunt and leave me alone.


Poetry · Writing

Smile Back

Can hear them all

lettin’ me know this wasn’t my fall

just a small lap fittin’ for a real strap keep talkin’ that shit and I’ll snap

truth to my word you are all absurd

don’t mind me while I have my third

just passin’ by givin’ you all the bird

and I’ll just keep doin’ me and just let it be

keep grillin’ me and I’ll just smile back


Poetry · Writing

Dirty Triumphs

never clean but always washed

splashin’ in the puddle makin’ no waves

– I’m still restless

played it wrong and got arrested

all that studyin’ and got tested

but we were never bested

tied together and protested

hangin’ in there like we’re infested

detested- went to far and now we’re rested.


move over – –

seven on my arm

I still remember

it was never clean but we’re fired up

we won but was it worth it

dirty triumphs

Poetry · Writing

Killin’ Time

I remember when you lied the first time

told me it was the last time

and we’re sitting here figuring out how to end it for the last time.


We’re pulling hair

killin’ time

and never stopped arguing.


Pipes are red

faces flushed deeper then the bowl

like it’s the last time.

Poetry · Writing

Delicate Crush

Rash in all earnings

a piece of me

in your front pocket

like a locket hangin’ from your belt

and I can’t help but melt

in your illuminating light

with the might of a human ten times

your force. you crush me with a gentle

hand and a delicate crush.


My heart and my legs fold like paper

water under my nose, and I’ll feel weak.