Poetry · Writing

art of sharing

i am always on the next,

the next piece the next goal the next quest

it’s not that the roses aren’t beautiful but i don’t want to waste that second;

not chasing this dream,

a dream of sharing

this art,

a dream of waking up next to you every morning,

sharing eggs and toast

and if a rose bud cuts my finger on a tour of success

and i miss a single second with you-

sharing this art, sharing these eggs, sharing this bed-

i’ll burn every single of them down

Poetry · Writing

binge watching

falling for you deeper

truth is i could never leave her

found peace in your arms

you took down all of my alarms;

i awake with you in mind

with you in my eyes

i want this everyday

i see tomorrow in your eyes

charmed by your vision

home improved on the television

i see tomorrow in your eyes

binge watching my favorite show

Poetry · Writing


i want to believe-

believe that today and the next are not a patch of air floating between my fingers

that your hands feel something real and not a figure of my imagination

is this- me

i can see what is real but it slips through my fingers

chasing like a dream i will fall through

ghosts of days i want to forget haunt the ones that i need to remember

is this- me

giving up like a dream i don’t know what is real anymore

maybe will buy a firehouse

make a dream of this nightmare

Poetry · Writing

aqua green

i never wanted to believe there was someone like you

it was easier not to-

to focus on breathing but not living

it was easier to see roads that came to an end

easier to plan for the next few months

to shorten the lines

but here i am wondering which shirt i should wear to match your eyes-

it was easier not to worry

now i can’t imagine it any other way

Poetry · Writing


fighting-  you are way above my level

just joined the game and you’re a grandmaster

to avoid disaster i need to be better faster

hold on just a little longer-

i can catch up

can’t learn to be a goddess

but i can learn to look into the sun-

this server; you let me in

against all odd calling in the will

of a grandmaster