Poetry · Writing

when asked when to love;

never put much stock in the market

wanted to

be the standout price or waited for one to find me

silly or asleep

being to bee but always the worker never the queen

crying fiend

two types and always the catcher catching when you fall

standing tall

call when you say you miss me always nearby you make me wanna

be a good guy

when you say i love you i know the time is right now

here somehow

markets closed now lesson learned when asked when

now and then

time and again the one will find you and never a minute ahead

Poetry · Writing

pocket explosion

chances are

i will blow it

i carry grenades and landmines in my pockets

set to detonate

whenever the fuck i feel like it

usually random

i can remove them

but they find their way back

buy you have been here

through all my pocket explosions

minor house fires

and inability to watch a movie without being a critic

you are here

i will not spoil the ending

but i am going to keep the girl

Poetry · Writing

sunshine airline

i never miss a lost second

it was gone and while missing

i missed another-

i felt that when your smile first touched mine

in the moments when you were gone

i was lost time

robbed from a bully with a checklist on his forehead

guilt was checked

depression was checked

and loss was next

but i found a way to make time stand still-

when your smile touches; mine

it feels like a sunshine airline

so close to the gods i can hear their stories

your voice calm and sedative

i can count the seconds in between my fingers

they choose to linger when your smile touches mine

and when they ask

when the kids gather to ask how i can stop time

i will tell them

i can’t show them this trick

without my wonderful partner

Poetry · Writing

three hands

two or three times

i counted the hands of the clock on the wall-

i know there is two

normally two

but time stopped

i wanted to be anywhere else but here

if the clock had an extra hand

i would know

i would be dreaming


but the clock has two hands

and i am still stuck

nothing my own

except these hands

bound by time

Poetry · Writing

Starry Dreams

i could never get tired of you-

sleep is not an escape

because i know you are

waiting for me in my dream

when i wake

i will watch the sun climb

but she could never be as high as me

when you enter my atmosphere

will go star shopping

pick you out the right one

so wherever we are

whenever we are

just like you and me

their will be a star burning forever