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Passive Feelings

I lay awake drifting in and out

on a severed cloud barely a spec of fluff left.

Left leg swinging, arms behind thy head, watching-

watching the stars tell a story of time never heard by ears

never passed along on pen or tongue.

Stories of heroes, stories of the heroes that conquered the land above.

Stories of thee earnest, thy great descendants watching me

as I beg for an encore, they close their curtains.

Stories of love, the ones close enough to the sun to feel


on a cloud begging for the ropes to hold tighter

to hold longer in the grip of the tale to hear thee end.

To learn, to ride the sun, it burns the worst

it’s the truth I promise-

the real thing it is, not passing by

circling like a vulture waiting for death,

on a cloud below.

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Did I take it too far

Did I take it too far?

I saw you from across the room

a smile of shy delight and the eyes of

an angle painted in the sky and I said

hi – I couldn’t muster much more without spilling mustard on the floor.

Did I take it too far?

The morning I thought you were gone

the bracelet of my home I applied it to your arm

and I watched you


back into the raft and paddle upstream

pouring my life on the mic downstream

close encountered that lightning that struck twice

and I was alone.

Did I take it too far?

I did that time- and I was sorry

the truth came out on Baffin Bay

blasting day and you didn’t stop.

We danced we sang we laughed in the rain

and I didn’t want to stop but

Did I take it to far-

off the rocker in my head the clouds spelled clear the clouds

and make the lean mean machine with a heart skip the trip to Oz.

Can hear Aunty raising her voice to sweet pedals

bashing the box weak little fox- stand back-

this isn’t your night

Did I take it to far-

applied to be the stunt man of the past

so I can do everything that they were too afraid to do

I checked weekends and holidays

called Aunty again to remind her

that I took it too far.


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I found myself, picked up

moved on- laying in the desert

all on my own- under the tree

washing the blood with tears.

Never thought I’d be here.

This shouldn’t be me-just me

two worlds away we walk together

tossing caps away ways away that dream


The dream- our dream setting sail

only a ticket to ride

time to man the sails

and I’ll wear my name like a badge-

our dream on my chest

a badge to tomorrow.


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Ode of the Wanderer

Fade from smoke- to clarity, twice a week

high on a song in the rain, morning weak.

Brain challenges thee sweaty palms across my swollen cheeks

dancing hands along my trembling knees, sing twin boy.

Sing twin boy, sing her to sleep

sing twin boy, sing for the bliss of a tomorrow in dreams.

Sing to her-and share I’ll my dream-night and night

blow the smoke away and share clear skies

and my knees, will share- thee tremble.

Poetry · Writing


I don’t write for your piece of mind

for the ability to see inside my soul

and lodge picket fences into my feet

and address your opinions to my doorsteps.

I’d burn my inbox to the ground before

it’s flooded with your Noah letters

and trademark concerns

and a nightly Skype request.

Maybe I used to write for you,

to hear about the trickle of smiles

that you run to achieve

and the feeling of us touching.

Now, it’s for me,

you can still feel with me and grasp

my heart inside your hands like a tiny puppy

but it’s still mine.



Poetry · Writing

Mother’s Year

Feeling the heat- all around

the night never creeps near.

Momentary loss, approaching breakdown

she’d remind us, this is our holy year.

Change the paths to our own, burn the torch and bring down

their ideology and belief of sleazy atmosphere.

Stay near and wear it tall- you’ll be crowned

can never share, the restlessness here, our lovely cheer.


Poetry · Writing


Too thee helm he walked

dressed to the nine on a commencement high

life begins.

Spring rang through

heads held close

flashes brings the cheese

closer to immortality.

Swinging thee high sun

chased the Earth

too slow.


freshest meat dishes

no clean dishes.

Step to her would be unwise

no blinking all eyes

sporting Emerald green, Gemini

take that chance, butterflies.