Poetry · Writing

amphibian library

i always here:

“where did you go?”

face plastered on milk cartons

at the local college poster boards

whispers at the taverns-

i heard he’s in miami now,

settled down

stable job

sings songs on the pier to the birds


he’s a frog

spends half his time in the sea

the other half in a zoo for you to visit,

i am right here,

every night you know where to find me

curl me up in your palms

but i won’t purr like before

like god you left a long time ago,

you can’t expect a warm welcome

healthy exchange

where did i go,

i left your intrest circle

so you spun me out

i am right here

singing songs on piers

swimming at the sea

writing poems somewhere in between

where i’ve always been

Poetry · Writing

ghost writing

i wanted to say more

i wanted to shut the window before you’re last flight

to have one more fight

to let knuckles run red-

say everything

you’re already gone.

weren’t much of a boxer anyway,

wrote a thousand words and sent none

like treasure it sunk to the bottom of the ocean

we can go one day,

when the water isn’t so cold

that our skin falls off our bones.

write another thousand words

than wait

Poetry · Writing

rain god

this isn’t a game

but we play like one

take your ball and run

whenever you don’t like the outcome

couldn’t live without one-

the rain;

i remember it being, lighter

walking through it

hands as an umbrella

a scene i remember

in a novella

‘wants only go so far

without the time’

Poetry · Writing

final exam

i failed you

an exam i missed

to hide away

to blow these streets

leavin’ our sheets

retail feats

knock me off my feet



your eyes are subtle reminders

that these ties were never crossed

left on eye level finders

and lossed-

one day i will forgive myself

just not on this calendar

circle a time

when the clocks hands are down

when i can see my own eyes

in your reflection

Poetry · Writing

outer world garden

heavenly scented winds

chase you

earth is envious

of your envious steps

missing the tip of their chin.

you didn’t belong here,

i think

i think you got lost

by a happy accident,

you spent your time

and bought everything.

your steps- heels up

chin up, wouldn’t show tears

but you knew

your road leads beyond this garden

(i can’t watch this part)

beyond this world,

stars will part the like sea

until you find m

where you belong