Poetry · Writing


So cute, you wanna be like me

just a scrappy kid workin’ twice as hard

singin’ for a nickel so carefree

have the world on silent with such disregard

until, until, there is no longer

let’s get lost inside the clouds

and you, you don’t gotta work harder

I can calm you down, yeah

I wanna hear your song,

a quiet ensemble playin’

a beat, never-ending lifelong

just layin’ with you swayin’

hold me close don’t hold your breathe

that’s really your favorite, I know.


Poetry · Writing

Paper Boy

the ground you walk on

is red carpet.

a little sigh and the crowd will cheer

begging to be the one you call-

and i

just a mere paper boy.

only time I’m in your presence is when i read the front page

sometimes past the new shooting

but there you are

a queen.

you know i breathe but you don’t know i exist

walkin’ this earth (the same as you)

just not in your light

and what would the sun be without your beauty to shine on

without your beauty, a poet to rhyme on-

but i

just a mere paper boy


will work my route

spread your beauty

but i will keep one for myself

not just for the crossword later no

but because your mind is the treasure

six letters down and it’s just lovely

and little girls will read this

wanting to grow up and be just like you-


i like to dream that’s our little girl-

you can teach her how to act and speak and be proper

and i-

the perfect throwing technique of a paper

she’ll be unstoppable

Poetry · Writing


It was sunny Sunday afternoon

when that call came through-

pleading it was not you, it was me.

but it is me, hands are not tendered enough to peel back

all those layers, not just any ogre- but my heart is a swamp.

Playing pretend so it doesn’t exist, a couple of cards up your sleeves

so we’re never playing with a full deck

but the odds are always in your favor

never a full house but get this straight

you’ll flush me away royally.


I dream of the day

when the deck is full

and we play solitaire

side by side working to work back

all the layers of the sweet cake-

the one we baked together,

push back the hands reaching for the first slice

no no no we worked to hard for this delight

and with all our might will be the ones

to take that first bite.

you’ll trust me to feed it to you

and not rub your face in it

we can’t solve the worlds cube

if we keep burning the stickers

off our Rubix-


and we enjoyed that game,

no hidden aces, chips in our pockets

side bet with the man with the side burns that belongs in the eighties,

we took it on

by ourselves.

Poetry · Writing

Training Day

Trying something new

a long-winded form

but I’m worried-

I’ll run out of words.

When the fountain of youth dries up

and I’m dried up

will the pen be at my side

like a lover in my final moments

or will it leave

like a lover in my worst.

These words are all I have

reading the dictionary like a playbook

like a menu of life

from the fanciest restaurant on this planet

and I’ll be the only alien.

These words aren’t just for me

I want them to carry

carry the ones I love over the threshold

to you reading right now

to drive over to see that person

yes that person the one you deny loving

because it is to hard to or they just don’t know

and tell them that this is for them

and they’ll see your beating heart in your hand.

I know the feeling-

her love to me is like a lightning bolt

entered without warning and left everything inside

melted and soft

but when she leaves it’s all


like a black and white tv after midnight.

So will train these words

put a headband on

turn a lap into a mile

so I can carry this fear in a pocket instead of using these two hands that were just meant to hold you

and these words will carry.

Poetry · Writing

Trojan Horse

A lot of the time

I don’t know what I’m doing.

On the train reading Iliad realizing I’ve never held a spear-

fought for something bigger then I-

no I couldn’t imagine what that power would feel like

I would just say the steel tip drew blood

quicker then the pen could spill ink.

maybe it was poor choice of words

maybe- am I holding the right spear?

Keyboard warrior

fighting for the little guy

for me who couldn’t say a word

for someone like me now, struggling

this is your spear.

Poetry · Writing

Balcony View

I do not blame you

left the door wide open

treats on the door step

clutter in the bedroom.

I basically asked you

told you to get the fuck out

I need you here

but I do not deserve you

you could be solving global warming

curing cancer

writing the next great manuscript

not worrying about what page I am on

did I send out those poems

did you pick up the dog from the groomers



The world needs you

it would be selfish-

to keep that door closed


but, I will not close it behind you

selfish or not

I will watch you

rule this world

and I will write about it.

Poetry · Writing

five dollar spell

We watched the sun set-

it won’t be the last time either-

yet, either reality or responsibillity will break this spell

it’s one of those knock off spells

the lasting five minutes type-

but i buy them everytime

just to see the rays surround your eye lids

to watch your hair brush back without your hands

i fill up my mental sd card everytime.

Poetry · Writing

My Hero

it was a cracked mirror-

saw him from across the room

drapped in cape and valor

emblem across his chest- a Fleur

and i hit the floor.

dropped to get a glimpse

up so close i need to get a pic

his identity a secret, loved ones waiting at home

maybe no loved ones

a treasure by night

a martyr by day

and he was standing right here but

it was a cracked mirror-

not who i thought it was at all.

took a day or two but the mirror is gone

replaced by his poster,

have to get his autograph,

another day.

Poetry · Writing


I don’t got a reason to lie, that’s the truth from the sky

just stayin’ up long enough to breathe now its time to take leave

blowin’ away like leaves payin’ fees bitchin’ about that light breeze

fuckin’ on a sunday- and we finish prayer on the way home.

Back on my shit again and this is my jam

called it out get back in line get with the program

I’m only keepin’ good company

I am not talkin’ to you if you don’t have love for me.


Movin’ aside- oh wait thats you

you’re in my way of me and my crew

you’re such a monday and my friday ass won’t fuck with you

this is the debut

Follow me- I know the way

Yeah, you know you better stand

everybody got money, get the band together

movin’ like you can’t stand the weather

but it ain’t gon’ rain always.