Poetry · Writing


you’ll lead the way

will follow;

protector of man-

the earth below her feet; she worships

the ones you will not meet; she notice

electric fingers twirls the air like string

earth given powers, meant as a sign

to bring forth the daily wonder

we walk on without regard;

her gentle roars keeps the power safe,

fangs bear the wicked and worsen-

a tiger guardian, a lightworker.

today; she works as a electrician

bringing light

to those ready.

Poetry · Writing

inner demons

i created you


like god with an atom

a sorcerer with a spell

a scientist with the elements

i gave you purpose;

with the swish of ink

with the words of centuries before, with the graceful eyes in my skill, and the hands dished from the pot of decades of molding-




it sleeps in my head

dodging bullets made of lead

we carry that blood,

but i gave you life-

your sluggish steps in my inner chambers

rattle while i rest

when you’re most upbeat

i am


Poetry · Writing

bottom of the barrel

the bottom wasn’t the bottom

it never existed

it was just home,

the golden fish would tell stories

of a land bathed in light

kissed by soft air-

we huddled around her stories

of fulfilment and life,

we prayed to poseidon

to bring us;

bring us to the land of the free,

where goldy stayed-

away from the bottom.

the next day she was gone,

the we shuffled to an i

in silence.

Poetry · Writing

ghost writing

i wanted to say more

i wanted to shut the window before you’re last flight

to have one more fight

to let knuckles run red-

say everything

you’re already gone.

weren’t much of a boxer anyway,

wrote a thousand words and sent none

like treasure it sunk to the bottom of the ocean

we can go one day,

when the water isn’t so cold

that our skin falls off our bones.

write another thousand words

than wait

Poetry · Writing

outer world garden

heavenly scented winds

chase you

earth is envious

of your envious steps

missing the tip of their chin.

you didn’t belong here,

i think

i think you got lost

by a happy accident,

you spent your time

and bought everything.

your steps- heels up

chin up, wouldn’t show tears

but you knew

your road leads beyond this garden

(i can’t watch this part)

beyond this world,

stars will part the like sea

until you find m

where you belong