Poetry · Writing

art of sharing

i am always on the next,

the next piece the next goal the next quest

it’s not that the roses aren’t beautiful but i don’t want to waste that second;

not chasing this dream,

a dream of sharing

this art,

a dream of waking up next to you every morning,

sharing eggs and toast

and if a rose bud cuts my finger on a tour of success

and i miss a single second with you-

sharing this art, sharing these eggs, sharing this bed-

i’ll burn every single of them down

Poetry · Writing

binge watching

falling for you deeper

truth is i could never leave her

found peace in your arms

you took down all of my alarms;

i awake with you in mind

with you in my eyes

i want this everyday

i see tomorrow in your eyes

charmed by your vision

home improved on the television

i see tomorrow in your eyes

binge watching my favorite show

Poetry · Writing

three women – thank you

you watched me fall

you watched me climb, still watching

i know in her visions i am never stopping

a workhorse, mane and all

and i thank you for that:

dreaming on days when i can’t sleep

moving forward when my feet feel like concrete

living when i wasn’t sure how too

and i could never repay you-


i find myself wondering where you are,

if you’re still in the same city, playing the same guitar:

i left on a broken down car in the middle of a storm

lost in memories, in a jeep, with a ghost and you

no phone, no address, no one

a seven on my arm drawn in charcoal

the same one i drew on a casket not an hour earlier

and i haven’t seen you since

i hope you made it out of the storm too-


i love you- with only nine lines i couldn’t begin to explain

the light that i see in you, it is blinding

and i don’t need my mask, exposed to all of you;

it feels fucking great

your body in my hands warms my soul

my heart beats out of my chest when you’re near

and it’s been like that since you’re light touched me-

you’ll change the world, you’ve already changed mine


thank you




Poetry · Writing

the charm of a scale

i never have to tell you

but i always want to remind you

the way you speak reminds me of a river creek

subtle and calm holding me tight in the center of your palm

the charm of a scale- always in balance no force no malice;

the way you love- secret to your sauce isn’t three spoons of sugar

it’s your hands through my hair like a comb here or gone

i’ve never felt so at home

beat of your heart moves my train and your lips are the fuel

never cruel a precious jewel and it’s all in your eyes

and i’ll never part ties

Poetry · Writing

saint III

i looked you in the eyes

and i took your words as gospel

preacher of the light

the filler of void

an anchor in the middle of the ocean

and on this cruise, you were the voice of reason

that outfit you can wear during any season-

i pray to you;

before thy i kneel and worship the grace you give

the challenge in your eyes gives strength to those

that can’t will themselves from bed

that can’t summon the strength

that wish for change and are granted borrowed time from your generous hands

that you for the gifts wrapped in neat bows

an angel from below i thought sent to curse

to burn

yet you tend to my gardens

for i

for i am only a humble poet

a dancer of water for the moons wishes

a singer for those souls that cherish the moments that never end

and you granted my wish

for that;

i will love in my borrowed time

i will write about your words

about your beauty

about this life, from this view


Poetry · Writing

cupid’s dmv

steady hand

the god with the steadiest and he never misses

truth sight and a bond issued

we waited our turn for something this real

love this real

not the temporary they handout to appease you

they can’t be the one to please you

cupid has not found your one;

number forty-two thousand and ninety three-

hoping it is our turn, i will finally have my number called

not this year

or the next

others picked what seems at random

what is it that they have but not i

challenge them for the love that i believe to deserve

enough is enough and temporary handouts it is enough

they don’t deserve this as much as i

will hold hands in line together

and wait for our chance;

Poetry · Writing

god’s arcade

chance is-

we get a second chance with another life

a god puts quarters into a game

and we reboot in a new body

new memories new family new lovers

in that life i never touch a pen

i carry a ball and a glove

a gun and knife

a purse and a baby-


we live in the shadow of our god

the one pushing quarters to give us life

and we chase the same love they look for

and that’s why i always find myself in your arms

Poetry · Writing

cozy k’night

she said she missed the old me-

the one with the funny jokes

and the unbreakable smile

never hanging from rope just above the tile

the version of you that never updated

who told stories of full hearts

standing- never wavered

now tells stories of death through fine arts

sit high like a king with his chalice

and below his subjects full of malice

switched from meat to salads

bought a case of m light and you were at wine palace

remember when we dropped acid-

where – did – you – go

( who walks in the shadows of your once peculiar self, the tepid demons haunt and talked their way into your skin to walk a path of coal never meant for your loving feet- they trashed you and colored your eyes green so you can profit and all i- we want is to banish and summon the cozy knight once more )

Poetry · Writing

when asked when to love;

never put much stock in the market

wanted to

be the standout price or waited for one to find me

silly or asleep

being to bee but always the worker never the queen

crying fiend

two types and always the catcher catching when you fall

standing tall

call when you say you miss me always nearby you make me wanna

be a good guy

when you say i love you i know the time is right now

here somehow

markets closed now lesson learned when asked when

now and then

time and again the one will find you and never a minute ahead