Poetry · Writing


a crewmate on our last days – “be

less of yourself for anyone and the sea will reclaim you,

our lives on Leon; this boat will change you

so you can survie, we live on our captains words:

where the water bleeds fresh, will live as kings of!

we sailed on Leon for days without rest

collecting fools gold for our nest,

until the sea gave out

reclaimed Leon

like a mother and child

Poetry · Writing

back to basic

we will just love to love

enjoy every minute of it

no regrets just memories

forget the rejection

the anger

the hate,

the red door marked do not enter

but is always open-

let’s lock it together

wear the key around your neck

hitch the fear stone across a pond

watch every ring break away

let’s love more than anything else;

Poetry · Writing

outer world garden

heavenly scented winds

chase you

earth is envious

of your envious steps

missing the tip of their chin.

you didn’t belong here,

i think

i think you got lost

by a happy accident,

you spent your time

and bought everything.

your steps- heels up

chin up, wouldn’t show tears

but you knew

your road leads beyond this garden

(i can’t watch this part)

beyond this world,

stars will part the like sea

until you find m

where you belong