Poetry · Writing

hidden quiz; makeup. on.

sometimes, this is difficult

to beg for answers

everthing is truly a test

but this should have been open book

games being played

answers written on your hand

and i can’t even see the scantron;

laid it down

you, the one in the gown

pride of the hometown

strutting, wearin’ that crown

not ready for that showdown

but this is that countdown

wear it on my chest, i’m that proper noun

but i’m the one that looks like a fucking clown.

Poetry · Writing

success magazine; mothra

i collect memories

store ’em in a binder

under my bed

deep under past the monster

blow the dust away

they start early

half eaten by moths or accidents

birthdays and birthdays

a success photo shoot

that fucking kid billy that i hated

(take that one out real quick)

flip to the back to these empty pages

no dust no moths no sad endings- yet

a place i come often

a sweet reminder that the previous pages

don’t tell the end

moths will get to them just like the beginning

will put it back, with out guardian monster

take our books, pens and camera to the park

and look for butterflies

Poetry · Writing

the wanderer

the wanderer has no reflection

a boulder tumbling down a road

left bloody by her wife

wonderous by her mistress

alone by her husband

the wanderer has no reflection

they; walk

to find


a no name feeling

a response to a question

on a dotted line

written in invisible ink

revealed by


the wanderer doesn’t know

if you know

and you see the wanderer

on the road you avoid most

let her know

she misses her wife

Poetry · Writing

green screen

i love the way

you exist in this world with a smile;

dark clouds only over the horizon

your temprate ignites that darkness

leaving your forecast clear and sunny-

others will call it a fake

a green screen over everything

but i’ve been in that studio

they haven’t seen the production

your light cultivates;

Poetry · Writing

the one piggy that got away

raised with bricks

stacked high with a peep hole

just can barely see out

cold stays in

life stays out-

this was fine

no really i prefered it this way

all the big bads would come

brothers and sisters dissapear

but i was good;

pretended not to hear their screams

pretended not to care

pretended not to be home

that keeps me up at night

they rebuild out there

and i’m still in here waiting



if they can’t get in

how can i get out

seems air tight

so how am i still breathing

a dream of butterflys

shattering these bricks like glass

i’ll be gone- so fucking gone

maybe to find those taken

those that never had a chance

or to feel everything that i could only dream of;

i hear the big bads coming again

they can’t stop them

all i have our ears preparing for horror

it’s safe here

it’s safe here

Poetry · Writing

memory lane-

when you walked through that door

that door;

i fell




i remember my eyes opening

and never waking up

a dream

a dream so real i remember the smell of your hair

the sun on my arms

i remember it all;

like it happened yesterday

i don’t know if that day ever ended

i hope not;

Poetry · Writing

board game

i can’t answer

i missed that day


wasn’t invited

locked out of a room

i thought i had a key to

locks changed

password changed

but everyone swears it’s all the same

just pieces on a board game

saying sorry you missed all the clues

lost in a twister a ride for uno

they say to risk it all

but the monopoly you have

on the ships of battle

leaves my ticket to ride