Poetry · Writing

hidden quiz; makeup. on.

sometimes, this is difficult

to beg for answers

everthing is truly a test

but this should have been open book

games being played

answers written on your hand

and i can’t even see the scantron;

laid it down

you, the one in the gown

pride of the hometown

strutting, wearin’ that crown

not ready for that showdown

but this is that countdown

wear it on my chest, i’m that proper noun

but i’m the one that looks like a fucking clown.

Poetry · Writing

the wanderer

the wanderer has no reflection

a boulder tumbling down a road

left bloody by her wife

wonderous by her mistress

alone by her husband

the wanderer has no reflection

they; walk

to find


a no name feeling

a response to a question

on a dotted line

written in invisible ink

revealed by


the wanderer doesn’t know

if you know

and you see the wanderer

on the road you avoid most

let her know

she misses her wife

Poetry · Writing


the night to the day to the, light

all we can do is shoot up, right

baby baby baby give it that time

pennies don’t turn changes to dimes over night

put the ladder all the way up ’til we touchin’ the sky

a world of dreams will never be this high

somehow we gotta find a way;

i wouldn’t wait forever

just shoot your shot

we don’t need no more, no extra

we all we got;


let it be a reaction

just a mental attraction

fighting invisble water

this hole is my alma mater

in love with a lie

thought i could fly

just wanna feel that free

fuck it all if it all ain’t me

somehow we gotta find a way-




Poetry · Writing


i find myself closer to the bottom of the tool box

used only in extreme cases

every once in awhile

but forgotten when everything is good;

i get it

when the roof isn’t leaking

the drawer rolls perfectly

i belong in the tool box

just wanted to be more

Poetry · Writing

the one piggy that got away

raised with bricks

stacked high with a peep hole

just can barely see out

cold stays in

life stays out-

this was fine

no really i prefered it this way

all the big bads would come

brothers and sisters dissapear

but i was good;

pretended not to hear their screams

pretended not to care

pretended not to be home

that keeps me up at night

they rebuild out there

and i’m still in here waiting



if they can’t get in

how can i get out

seems air tight

so how am i still breathing

a dream of butterflys

shattering these bricks like glass

i’ll be gone- so fucking gone

maybe to find those taken

those that never had a chance

or to feel everything that i could only dream of;

i hear the big bads coming again

they can’t stop them

all i have our ears preparing for horror

it’s safe here

it’s safe here

Poetry · Writing

sincerely, lily

lyin’ to these boys

you were never invited

fell ablaze and denied it

lyin’ to these boys:

you were never invited

wandered the world

can’t trust anyone with a mask on

brings you back to those days we act young

dark times: hood up top down rollin’ blocks

flying high they called us the young hawks

lyin’ to these boys

twenty five and we failed em

twnety one and we runnin’ out of time

you were never invited

stormin’ the waters but you babbies are just overcastin’


but not really

the words out your mouth are just silly

yes really

no they aren’t busy

they just don’t want to see your face sincerely, lily


lyin’ to these boys

your the guest of honor

just not for honor

two years will all be goners

you say we are all on a roll

dishonor to the ones out yondor

stay home

you weren’t invited

Poetry · Writing

the miner

i challenged you;

further then i should have

the cracks are showing and your hair is thin

and i blame myself.

never told you when to stop

showed you how to quit

just a brick and a pedal,

and i only watched.

i should have asked what you were thinking;

what was the miner doing in the deepest part of your thoughts

was it gold he was finding or coal

but seeing your eyes i know what he was finding.

your hands were clean

yet your body ran red

the miner never quit

and you payed the price

and i blame myself.

i could have stopped you

maybe saved you-

now i search the miners left in the dark

the miners left in the dark