Poetry · Writing


i didn’t believe

so you left,

your dreams were to big

for my eyes

floating to a planet

that i didn’t know existed,

i see you on tv from time to time

talking about your rhymes in your prime

how you dropped bedtime for a dime,

i remember those times,

you’d like me more now

you’re a beast out in tao

never needed any vow

just someone to do it all with

you came to early

eyes still pearly

walkin’ to 7-11 for a slurpee

not giving a shit

it’s the end of that skit

Poetry · Writing

four minute mile

sweet defeat

the seals on my lips

taken the identity

we crafted in trusted hands

i release, you.

on record going the extra foot

rolling in those exclusive feats

to run empty on bare feet

running a wild rampage

a breath on weary feet

it’s okay,

to let another

finish this bloody lap