Poetry · Writing

den of 2013

the scoreboard is still up

broken down over the years

it has been awhile

you’ve been hiding

i know you’re still kicking

i can see the fog like breath from your den

i can smell it;

old stained blood eyes

you must be waiting for my back to turn

but i am done with you

i know you will stay

but that was our last bout

this won’t be about

you anymore

Poetry · Writing

back to basic

we will just love to love

enjoy every minute of it

no regrets just memories

forget the rejection

the anger

the hate,

the red door marked do not enter

but is always open-

let’s lock it together

wear the key around your neck

hitch the fear stone across a pond

watch every ring break away

let’s love more than anything else;

Poetry · Writing

haunted love

where did you go;

the days creek by

following whispers of ghost

sheer cold keeps me still-


they’ll follow me-

they’ll follow me ’till

i become them

until that day,

i’d like to spend them with you,

the last swish of quill

before the creeks settle in

tomorrow night i’ll be back

with the brief moments of silence


Poetry · Writing

on the road

it has been awhile


can i join you

what are you drinking

i know it’s been awhile

can i top you off

never wrote us off

just wondered

after those years apart

where we could have been;

i see it in my dreams

it’s usually my fault

maybe we could get dinner

i would love to hear

how we both ended up

at this bar

with each other

Poetry · Writing

closed casket:

i crave the peace

trapped in a box

of screaming wildebeest

stomping around singing

it’s a small world after all,

this is what they’ll see on my final days

death by Lion King,

they’ll laugh at that joke on their final meetup

doing what it was intended,

never want them to see the madness

just the joke