Poetry · Writing

lord’s receptionist

i know i’ll find jesus

only a matter of time

they always say

boy you need jesus

everytime i ring him

can i speak to jesus

sorry sir he can’t come to the phone

now, you gotta wear his symbol

you wear his symbol you can speak to jesus

his line never come up

when i’m on that come up

jesus takes his ten percent

that return is comin’

jesus in my ear

that return is comin’

new age comes with new faith

yeezy on my feet

just to speak to jesus


Poetry · Writing

will of a builder

i love stories of builders

starting with a dream

everyone telling them

they’ll be nothing, your dream

is one in a million

not a chance

try something the world will appreciate ,

the next part is all the same

‘fuck ’em’

theye built castles


tested the logic of humans

carved the sacred sky

burned their names;

they knew it would take time

sleepless nights

the will of a builder

to keep moving forward

after the world

had already given up

on you