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Fight The Feeling

“They’re gonna try to tell you no, shatter all your dreams. But you gotta get up, and go and think of better things.” – M


Breathe- never fight it just let life in

an empty map not to mark it would be a mortal sin

meet your twin

out livin’ laughin’ makin’ love till the season changes

and it ranges but she is an angel

makin’ life worth lovin’ she told me

you can’t fight the feeling

never wasted moments been at my lowest

left with your condolence my own opponent

endless roaming and never frozen

but I was chosen through self demotion

can’t feel emotion just want to live on the ocean

through all the commotion I can hear her say-

you can’t fight the feeling.

you can’t fight the feeling.


Poetry · Writing

Beach House

I have people in my life

that I see myself growing old with.

The love of my life, yes.

I’ve had the same few people here,

since day one. I see us,

living in a beach house.

No cloudy forest or

haunted houses

a beach house playing bridge;

I’ve never played but we will learn.

I see you guys their,

and it’s something I take for granted

because you’ve always been

like a shadow following me it’s always been there

like warmth in the summer and cold in the winter

I can see that beach house.

Not the place,

but the memories.

People come and go-

some pay rent and stay a little longer

but as the tides rise the only ship

to test time was this friendship.