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level up – 27th club

chalk it up to good luck

made it without mac

this is what he was afraid of

see what i am made of

i wish you could see what i became

you joined the club last week just walking knees

now it’s me survived on a breeze nowyour heart is at ease-

the man that i am- you would of hated it

you hated everything; but you would of thrown

a killer 27th club party

Poetry · Writing

a lot

after you’ve lost your job and the world is crashing

what will you have;

when the night is swerving down the highway with a half empty glass

what will you have;

fresh off the books heading down the tunnel toward a chair and a needl

what will you have;

remembering those few days rowing down to the river with the kids

kids with a pole and some bait late in the evening with a catch

catch a memory the size of a tuna under moon before the long night

night, that night- we had it all

Poetry · Writing

fun house

bringing the table to dinner

the house was easy to find like they said,

upside down with a boston terrier outside-

the laughing medallion given at the door

a smile for us and a laugh for all, she said

the party had purple gas crawling the floor

we are all clowns

laughing at the moon like a pack-

musical chairs with masks

spin the bottle with acid

eyes flipped inside out

dancing to bulletproof

Poetry · Writing


it’s what home smells like

the aroma carries my clothes in my place

like a soft hand across my cheek


a memory shaped in a circle


a reminder that you were here,

but when the scent fades

i crave you

a little taste to carry me for the week and the next

to be closer to home

found on the tip of your lips

the palm of your hands around my waist

leaving your lavender imprint on my chest

burning deep enough

so home is always with me

Poetry · Writing

personal touch

i see us arguing, a ton

usually about movies or music

and you want to be right

and i want to see you tonight

i love sharing passion-

i see us trying a ton of restaurants

half of them we’ll go back to

will share laughs at the other half

pasta will probably be our favorite

the ravioli is fire-

and i’ll take a ton of pictures;

shot for shot it’s my favorite

the album with pokemon stickers and harley quinn pins

listening to donald glover


Poetry · Writing


love makes you do crazy things

spending everything for a second

she has me in the alley selling pennies

playing quarters with nickles

sitting on first after a triple

just for this dance:

and we will lock eyes as our paths join

fingers sway to the music all through your loin

oh me oh my your fragrance floats on by

smelling from my eye your beauty teaches me how to fly

and when the wind stops and your hair falls down your cheek

my lips fall into yours decomposing my knees oh so heavenly weak

and after a quarter

the song will end

to find another quarter

will be my long life quest

to dance again

my lovely empress




Poetry · Writing

three women – thank you

you watched me fall

you watched me climb, still watching

i know in her visions i am never stopping

a workhorse, mane and all

and i thank you for that:

dreaming on days when i can’t sleep

moving forward when my feet feel like concrete

living when i wasn’t sure how too

and i could never repay you-


i find myself wondering where you are,

if you’re still in the same city, playing the same guitar:

i left on a broken down car in the middle of a storm

lost in memories, in a jeep, with a ghost and you

no phone, no address, no one

a seven on my arm drawn in charcoal

the same one i drew on a casket not an hour earlier

and i haven’t seen you since

i hope you made it out of the storm too-


i love you- with only nine lines i couldn’t begin to explain

the light that i see in you, it is blinding

and i don’t need my mask, exposed to all of you;

it feels fucking great

your body in my hands warms my soul

my heart beats out of my chest when you’re near

and it’s been like that since you’re light touched me-

you’ll change the world, you’ve already changed mine


thank you




Poetry · Writing

saint III

i looked you in the eyes

and i took your words as gospel

preacher of the light

the filler of void

an anchor in the middle of the ocean

and on this cruise, you were the voice of reason

that outfit you can wear during any season-

i pray to you;

before thy i kneel and worship the grace you give

the challenge in your eyes gives strength to those

that can’t will themselves from bed

that can’t summon the strength

that wish for change and are granted borrowed time from your generous hands

that you for the gifts wrapped in neat bows

an angel from below i thought sent to curse

to burn

yet you tend to my gardens

for i

for i am only a humble poet

a dancer of water for the moons wishes

a singer for those souls that cherish the moments that never end

and you granted my wish

for that;

i will love in my borrowed time

i will write about your words

about your beauty

about this life, from this view