Poetry · Writing

mamba out

i remember the first couple games

you were just an ordinary man

ball in the hoop day in night out

than you turned into a legend

eight to twenty four an all star was born

five rings later a legend

four kids later a man

crash later a god.

i can trace my love of sports to you

the evolution of competition

battle through it

come out a little stronger

the mamba mentality

never quit.


Poetry · Writing

back to basic

we will just love to love

enjoy every minute of it

no regrets just memories

forget the rejection

the anger

the hate,

the red door marked do not enter

but is always open-

let’s lock it together

wear the key around your neck

hitch the fear stone across a pond

watch every ring break away

let’s love more than anything else;

Poetry · Writing

outer world garden

heavenly scented winds

chase you

earth is envious

of your envious steps

missing the tip of their chin.

you didn’t belong here,

i think

i think you got lost

by a happy accident,

you spent your time

and bought everything.

your steps- heels up

chin up, wouldn’t show tears

but you knew

your road leads beyond this garden

(i can’t watch this part)

beyond this world,

stars will part the like sea

until you find m

where you belong

Poetry · Writing

shot in the dark

sharing everything i have ever wanted,

not a long list,

on a posted note

hidden in my favorite book.

i remember those cold eyes,

the ones that couldn’t understand

the ones that could never understand,

it’s why they are hidden-

it’s a shot in the dark

but it is mine

carved this hole in the world for me

you can come

just know

i might never come out

Poetry · Writing

on the road

it has been awhile


can i join you

what are you drinking

i know it’s been awhile

can i top you off

never wrote us off

just wondered

after those years apart

where we could have been;

i see it in my dreams

it’s usually my fault

maybe we could get dinner

i would love to hear

how we both ended up

at this bar

with each other

Poetry · Writing

She's the One

trapped in my head, she has the key

what i’d do, to be free from me

feels like a dream- a hidden scheme

but back to you, baby, a center piece

follow me, through hall after hallway doors

honestly, feel like i’ve been here before

probably, see you again in my dreams

an ever-everything-bring me tranquility

ability to let me breathe-free from these diamond nights

sight for sore eyes, sunrise