Poetry · Writing

righteous movement

i wonder what you think of me

if you think at all

if you wave white flags for surrender

or who you pray to

if culture was the start-

was that you?

you’ve been on my mind

debating to see if you can see me

a little different

not ready for that conversation but

i can see it going there

when i am ready we will


Poetry · Writing

never one

to ask for help

rather bleed on the sidewalk

then ask for aid

at the tip of the blade

they prayed

then betrayed

all digging a grave with a heavy spade

no tombstones no markings

prepared for that future;

seems further by the day

Poetry · Writing


it has been awhile

but i’m here

bleeding from my wrist

but i’m here

this wasn’t always the truth

absant more times then present

just so i could give something on christmas

i know they judge me

can see it in the corner of their eyes

never blinked twice

took their eye off me

i move past ’em

never stood still long enough

to tell ’em i missed ’em

i regret that

i know they judge me

i’m sorry pops

tattoos below my elbows,

i want them to judge me

Poetry · Writing

four o four

chances are

this is the last time i’ll see you;

face wiped away

like steam off a mirror

was never you

just me


this isn’t a goodbye

just a memory wipe

hardware error

when you speak

four o four

memory not found

had to start this way

fresh start

kind of

expatriation date is still the same

just a new shelf life

Poetry · Writing

snow globes & twizzlers

number one and nobody can fight that

just a hit away an you know it’s like that

everyone around me we beyond that

no one tell a lie no no not a rat

i’ll take it to go young g it’s a wrap,

day ones know i’ll be all the same

playin’ since day one and this is not a game

seen it once and it is fair game

when it all comes crashing down;

i’m the one to blame,

snow globes and twizzlers don’t feel the same

world still burst open,

hold me upside down i’m still floatin’

took a single hit and i’m just quotin’

she took a single hit she is just chokin’

hit the floor now we all broken

Poetry · Writing

monkey king; all blue

i want the whole world-

you can’t have it

you’re over reachin’

don’t bother tryin’-

i want it all-

stop sleepin’

always dreamin’

this life isn’t for you boy

give up dreamin’-

this world is mine,

all mine-

in for a bruisin’

crusin’ on empty streets boy just lose it

the streets are callin’

come back just lose it-

maybe their right;

but maybe

maybe not