Poetry · Writing

two times

i want it more than you

so keep my name out of your mouth

i don’t have the ego for this era

and it’s on the low

you can read my name from your couch

you’ll go to the internet and vouch

that your time was stolen

that i never punched out

this wasn’t your shift

and this isn’t overtime

i’ve been here putting in two times

working two times as hard

putting in two times the effort

and you’ll complain two times as much

but i never learned your name

but you know my story

Poetry · Writing

i’m still here-

ring in the bell;

it is a new year, at least by our estimation

lets face it the only dates we know are the ones sold to us

it is a new year, new year new me

but will go to the same places

eat the same food but work out for a month

new me

ring in the bell;

it’s dinner time

let the feast begin

eat like the food stopped coming

eat like everything before this was just appetizers

eat like it’s thanksgiving and we’re celebrating the gratitude of a race

before we would betray everything they stand for

eat like the food is fucking delicious

and don’t forget to thank the cook

ring the bell;

it’s the ninth round and you know you’ve lost the last seven

at least

only way to win is to put that other guy on his fucking ass

bite down and go forward

it doesn’t matter if you go down, what’s the difference

bite down and go forward

at least you go down on your own terms or you win

bite down and go forward

click those gloves together and show the results of all your hard work

the masterpiece hanging on the basement wall- give it some sunlight

the weight you’ve lost, it’s not much but it really is though

bite down and go forward

and hang that belt over that stuffed dear your great-grandfather left for you

ring the bell;

Poetry · Writing


i want to believe-

believe that today and the next are not a patch of air floating between my fingers

that your hands feel something real and not a figure of my imagination

is this- me

i can see what is real but it slips through my fingers

chasing like a dream i will fall through

ghosts of days i want to forget haunt the ones that i need to remember

is this- me

giving up like a dream i don’t know what is real anymore

maybe will buy a firehouse

make a dream of this nightmare

Poetry · Writing

kinetic theory of heat

have it playin’ every day repeat

livin’ on my mind can’t delete

here for the front door not the back street

all these feeling i got are real not abstract baby concrete

soft sheets rip up the receipt feeling on my heartbeat

have it playin’ every day repeat

hold the key give a down beat

this view is amazing , gave me the window seat

down and out never admit defeat

holding down the fort never scream retreat

have it playin’ every day repeat

Poetry · Writing

clear vision – answering machine

i never ran away with doubt

danced with greed

or slept with fear,

it was always clear vision-

no second thoughts of where i needed to be

who i needed to be

i have seen them laying and waiting

for me to slip up;

but i have left them behind

feet no longer on the ground

cut a whole in the boat they’ve all drowned

snuck out at night never made a sound

and they won’t see my number again on that answering machine

they’ll see me from a distance with you

jealous talking shit, but i’ll never split


Poetry · Writing


seen it before

this is the part of the story were i start a fire;

same book, different page-

so lets burn the book

set fire to nights reflecting on those pages,

stay up all night and write new ones

laugh a little more love a lot harder

let you know that i will never run away

never be the one to be consumed by fire

i have been so tired

of this book- seared pages- same ending- new flames

not this time,

i am not the human tourch

or controlled by these fears-

we will write a new one

call it the kiddle

so no fire will come close

Poetry · Writing


no one saves the princess in this one

dares to dance with death with this one

drop this and go get my machine gun

take the good and get away with my son

no one saves the princess in this one

time to laugh has come and time to run

soul on the way chips played an one

money made playin’ shotgun

money made that’s an earned run

talkin’s shit that’s a hit and run

wakin’ on a midnights sun

hey- livin’ long enough to outrun

never one and done

you are the only one

no one saves the princess in this one

can anyone here me- anyone



Poetry · Writing

a snake and a bear

i fear the truth

and the power it holds;

so i cushion it with lies

fill fear with content like a stuffed bear

that bear is with me every night

never unkind or withering away

a shield against-

but i feel it moving

inside the bears belly slithering

like a snake- poising slowly

the bear can’t hold on

only on the cold nights but the others

when the bear isn’t enough

the snake runs wild and strangles

as i sleep –

as i sleep

Poetry · Writing

saint III

i looked you in the eyes

and i took your words as gospel

preacher of the light

the filler of void

an anchor in the middle of the ocean

and on this cruise, you were the voice of reason

that outfit you can wear during any season-

i pray to you;

before thy i kneel and worship the grace you give

the challenge in your eyes gives strength to those

that can’t will themselves from bed

that can’t summon the strength

that wish for change and are granted borrowed time from your generous hands

that you for the gifts wrapped in neat bows

an angel from below i thought sent to curse

to burn

yet you tend to my gardens

for i

for i am only a humble poet

a dancer of water for the moons wishes

a singer for those souls that cherish the moments that never end

and you granted my wish

for that;

i will love in my borrowed time

i will write about your words

about your beauty

about this life, from this view