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Starry Dreams

i could never get tired of you-

sleep is not an escape

because i know you are

waiting for me in my dream

when i wake

i will watch the sun climb

but she could never be as high as me

when you enter my atmosphere

will go star shopping

pick you out the right one

so wherever we are

whenever we are

just like you and me

their will be a star burning forever

Poetry · Writing

Angel of Two Fruits – Stainless Steel

I carry you with me everyday.

Find you in between the lines of each poem

in the songs I write and a god will smite

if I ever do wrong.

before me walks an angel

an angel of two fruits

and one bite, I was hers-

the sour outer to ward away the weak

until the sweet middle hold my tongue unable to speak.

Walking alone to the store

her shadow will hold my hand

and all the noise

with her the heart feels slow

a necklace of turbulence

a ring of the past

shoes of yesterdays choices

all these accessories

you’re the chain that never breaks

stainless steel one hell of a meal

and one day they’ll take a picture of me down on one knee.

Weightless around my neck

never in anything Aztec

sheltered from the storm, low-tech

rising above the rift and diving on the raft, high-tech

never taking a day off- never needing a rain check

the one and only, cashing in that pay-check.

Poetry · Writing

3rd Degree – Tom Ford Suit

I sat in the shower longer this morning

to wash off yesterday

the burn marks on my skin remain

but under the water-

it’s invisible.

Walk through the park

stop at the deli

read a book on the train

they would never stop me and ask how I got these marks

they can’t see them.

I spend hours scrubbing-

the picture of being perfect signed into my mind like a branding

the perfect being doesn’t show these weaknesses

they don’t have burn marks.

I don’t roll up my sleeves

wear shorts in the summer time

laying on the beach, in a Tom Ford suit.