Poetry · Writing

carrying a backpack filled with old lettuce;

the old you missed out on the new me

truly all bad things come in three

Poetry · Writing

Mr. Logan

it’s over.

the smiles of the veterans

stories of war

memories of their loved ones

all in a photo

i’ll remember you Mr. Logan,

it was just a place of business

like any other

your stories made it like any other

i am going to miss it,

wish i got the chance to tell you

that will be gone

to point you to a worthy place for your stories

an ear that would care;

i’m sure you’re having a drink with your son right now


enjoy the day bud,

you’ve earned it

Poetry · Writing


the night to the day to the, light

all we can do is shoot up, right

baby baby baby give it that time

pennies don’t turn changes to dimes over night

put the ladder all the way up ’til we touchin’ the sky

a world of dreams will never be this high

somehow we gotta find a way;

i wouldn’t wait forever

just shoot your shot

we don’t need no more, no extra

we all we got;


let it be a reaction

just a mental attraction

fighting invisble water

this hole is my alma mater

in love with a lie

thought i could fly

just wanna feel that free

fuck it all if it all ain’t me

somehow we gotta find a way-




Poetry · Writing

caviar verse

jumpin’ off a building with a blindfold on

never feared the bottom when the lights go on

changed my id when light turns to dawn-

and jump;

-battered brain loose feel it ridin’ goose

–sailin’ true never lied or held the truth

—this is that moment it was never stolen (took you long enough)

like what’s up danger

i’ve been waiting for you

Poetry · Writing

silver medal

there is no where to escape

all exits are blocked

and i hold my hands

wishing on a star that i’m not acquainted with

not yet;

for an answer

the pedestal is so lonely

second; third is a ghost

and first, first is somewhere else

here and no crowd or medals

just a box with white chalk numbers.

no one would believe me;

with all these opened doors

they never checked the locks

no one remembered those nights wandering

smoke in the air – silence

no one remembers the phone calls they never got

dialed and hung up dialed and hung up dialed

just to hear an answering machine

to feel the chills down your spine-

no one talks about it.

so we just sit on a couch a ghost, the one who got away

and me, a silver medal

Poetry · Writing

What’s the Use?

They say you’re nothing without it-

they haven’t seen it win a little

makin’ money wasn’t so lonely

feedin’ kitties wasn’t so phoney

look how far – we – came

can never shed that blame

just want another minute wit’ it

you can leave it, you can love it

they say you’re nothing without it-

so what’s the use?

fourth times the charm

here on my arm

when I had nothin’

shit was always so funny

made a promise to the honey

you’d never be lonely

you can love it-

just freaks – me – out


i just wanna fly

Poetry · Writing

level up – 27th club

chalk it up to good luck

made it without mac

this is what he was afraid of

see what i am made of

i wish you could see what i became

you joined the club last week just walking knees

now it’s me survived on a breeze nowyour heart is at ease-

the man that i am- you would of hated it

you hated everything; but you would of thrown

a killer 27th club party