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mamba out

i remember the first couple games

you were just an ordinary man

ball in the hoop day in night out

than you turned into a legend

eight to twenty four an all star was born

five rings later a legend

four kids later a man

crash later a god.

i can trace my love of sports to you

the evolution of competition

battle through it

come out a little stronger

the mamba mentality

never quit.


Poetry · Writing


fighting away

the urge to fight

just take a flight

find a home

made out of bricks

read about the licks

you missed

in a boat sailing away;

far away

that ain’t very fair

they made you mayor

now they call you traitor

blow your brains out with a lazer

and that wouldn’t phase her

found her drawn in crayons so i traced her

just so i can taste her


Poetry · Writing

monkey king; all blue

i want the whole world-

you can’t have it

you’re over reachin’

don’t bother tryin’-

i want it all-

stop sleepin’

always dreamin’

this life isn’t for you boy

give up dreamin’-

this world is mine,

all mine-

in for a bruisin’

crusin’ on empty streets boy just lose it

the streets are callin’

come back just lose it-

maybe their right;

but maybe

maybe not