Poetry · Writing


i didn’t believe

so you left,

your dreams were to big

for my eyes

floating to a planet

that i didn’t know existed,

i see you on tv from time to time

talking about your rhymes in your prime

how you dropped bedtime for a dime,

i remember those times,

you’d like me more now

you’re a beast out in tao

never needed any vow

just someone to do it all with

you came to early

eyes still pearly

walkin’ to 7-11 for a slurpee

not giving a shit

it’s the end of that skit

Poetry · Writing


why do you like what you like

was it rooted before you knew

why do you believe everything

in that book grasp firmly in your hands

are those roots

ready to be tugged on

what is really in that food

that you love so much

are those questions

you can ask

answers you’re ready for

how do you know

what you know