Poetry · Writing


a crewmate on our last days – “be

less of yourself for anyone and the sea will reclaim you,

our lives on Leon; this boat will change you

so you can survie, we live on our captains words:

where the water bleeds fresh, will live as kings of!

we sailed on Leon for days without rest

collecting fools gold for our nest,

until the sea gave out

reclaimed Leon

like a mother and child

Poetry · Writing

ghost writing

i wanted to say more

i wanted to shut the window before you’re last flight

to have one more fight

to let knuckles run red-

say everything

you’re already gone.

weren’t much of a boxer anyway,

wrote a thousand words and sent none

like treasure it sunk to the bottom of the ocean

we can go one day,

when the water isn’t so cold

that our skin falls off our bones.

write another thousand words

than wait