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Trainer Orange Ep.2

The crowd roared chants, ‘Red! Red! Red!’. The announcer finally reached above the crowd to continue the cast.

-Franklin’s Vulpix took out Red’s Espeon in incredible fashion! Red is on his heels for the first time since he battled Blue. Franklin and Vulpix has really showed guts in this battle! –

The grass from the stadium was burned to a crisp revealing a damaged earth. Franklin stared at Red and Red never flinched. A slight smirk and points at Franklin’s brow.

-It’s Pikachu! Red is not playing around anymore! Final bout for the Final Four and the championship! Lets hear it crowd!-

The crowd roared loader than ever before. Children in the front row wore Pikachu masks screaming his name! The energetic Pikachu has battled countless battles and shows no proof. Full red cheeks and tail shined under the stadium lights. Vulpix felt it too. Her paws trembled from the sight of the him. Or was it the crowd roars that horrified her.

Red still stood silent and full of confidence with his best friend battling besides him.

-Final round begin!-

Pikachu charged towards Vulpix, cheeks surged.


Franklin stood puzzled looking at Red. Red never spoke to him the entire match.

“Franklin wake up.”

Pikachu took to the sky and his cheeks emitted a white glare that took the entire stadium capture.

“Today is the big day!”


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