Poetry · Writing

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dream chasing;

not to be confused by having-

the purity of the air

is the difference between the chase,

the stamp of this art,

the corner carved on this medium

to last, to make a tiny smile – last.

the closer to the earth

the field is littered with bodies

looking for a scrap of metal

the same metal

ambition of bones

stealing a penny from lenny

never for the many

just to save a twenty

Poetry · Writing

faulty timing

shape up or she’ll be gone

listen up, if you were a man

you’d know what’s going on at home

“your” home- nothing but a coward

nothing is what roams these halls

calls to you in the night

reads to you in the dark-

it’s frosty in this bed

our bed

the one we share

just never at the same time