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World Tour

You can be the bass in our band

feel it high in our hands

woah girl

I only met you a week ago

but your coming to my sisters wedding

feeding nights under the tele

raves chilling to Fetty

and will tour the world.

Round trip ticket around the world

keep you real close- keep you curled

and will cure the world

with strings and a single mic

I was such a young tike

throwing underhand strikes

and this was my dream

and I’m sharing this with you

like you drew

a map and we filled it out-

true enough for the road

true enough for the world.



Poetry · Writing

Catching Butterflies

It wasn’t my fault, nor my intentions

yet I stand here and I can’t imagine it different.

Faith- Destiny-Stars-

whatever you want to believe

I’ll stand here as long as we sing our songs

dance to these drums

hold you in my arms

chase time

curse the sun

bless the moon

and share those moments.

I’ll capture them with my camera

watch you through the mirror

heels high and shirt unbuttoned

window brings in the scent

of fresh bread from the bakery:

we’re going to be late.

A bench from afar

the same light; the years passed before

seemed like a lifetime ago

when we we’re catching butterflies.

Poetry · Writing


We’re looking for angles in the darkest of skies

saying that we wanted more

we’re looking for light inside an ocean of night

believe we can see through.

Prison of dreams on a haunted hill

showing what you want to

and I need you to know, I’m not asking for a miracle

but if love is enough,

could you let is show?

I feel like I’m falling

and I’m ready to fly

holding mine and will see it through

and we will see it through,

if you feel it could you let me know?

Ask me no questions and I’ll tell you no lies

breathe and it’ll find a way

not asking for a miracle.

Poetry · Writing

writing in your palms

You asked what you mean to me:

I stopped and laughed like a joke

only because I knew you wanted the truth.

It’s like this- I wouldn’t trade you for anything,

million dollars, pass on it-

fame and success, move on it-

the afternoon on a park bench waiting for Raisin to stop bullying the birds,

that’s where I’ll


It’s not simple like a rhyme

or catchy like a tune

because tomorrow you’ll mean more

and the sun will be gone

off to see Mars and it’ll be just you

and me.

What do you mean to me?

The cop to a robber

to lock me down to Earth

so I won’t miss a single sun set

placed bet

listening to Keith Sweat

in a jail cell for two

Blue Moons and-

I keep getting distracted into your eyes.

They remind me of the moon

and I’m the tides.

Poetry · Writing

Never Say Die

Wasn’t it going to be you and me and wasn’t it going to be pure

wasn’t it going to be different  and wasn’t it going to be true-

Didn’t you say that?

Weren’t you going to change and weren’t you going to be honest

weren’t you going to pray and weren’t you going to be more-

Didn’t you say that?

All you want is to play at playing god

but I’m falling in, I’m falling out –

Didn’t you say that- Didn’t you say that?

Wouldn’t you want to stay and wouldn’t you want that present

wouldn’t you hold me and wouldn’t you stay the night-

Didn’t you say that?


Poetry · Writing


We played the game

we played the part

I wouldn’t expect you to understand me

crossing the line

we broke it apart

I wished I’d asked why you need me.

Enjoy the moment

feel my pain

I doubt you’d release me

jumping the gun

biting my tongue

I never would ask you to forgive me.

And you will never see my side

and I will always think I’m right

But I always regret the night

I told you I would hate you ’til forever.


Poetry · Writing


Fluid movement and boom

linger on a few notes taking notes

couple girls drinking moose

getting loose

couple shrooms – couple stories

vibing through a drawn door

she’d bloom

sucking boobs.


where are you

chilling seeking you

moving through being cool

couple shrooms

feeling you – feeling blue

sinking glue

changing tones

singing notes

couple shrooms.


Poetry · Writing

Pretty Girl

Eyes follow

lips chase

entrance making is an art form

love is a chess game.

Pawns litter the dead

knights come up short

princess in the castle

charming the ropes and cutting them lose.

Walk into a Starbucks

vanilla filled intentions

and walking home alone

chased by fear and empty shoes.

Netflix and chill

late nights

a cat and an empty pillow

full of love

Poetry · Writing

My Enemy

The mirror can’t take it anymore

words so cold, so collect, so clean

honesty a waking touch

jealousy is more blinding than love.

And you could be my enemy

and you could be my judge

if you could start remembering all the time that you used up.

A remedy seeking harp

love lapping hands

if I could stop remembering all the time that you used up.

And you could be my enemy

playing both sides

shattering us whole

and you could be my judge

resort of truths

graveyard of lies

and will rest in the middle.

Poetry · Writing


Careful when looking beyond your view

blinded by infinite leisure.

Careful with your obsessions

sayin’ we will never be free.

If you can never change

it’s a deliverance

give up on giving up

you better hold on.

Trust me when I tell you ’bout my own dream

made my mind up long ago.

Trust me that I struggle with my own destruction

building up and letting go.

Look in my eyes

like you mean it

look in my eyes

like a mirror.

Like you mean it