Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep.4

Waves crashed against S.S. Sire. The captain stood at the helm with his companion, guiding the Sire into troubled tides. Land is gone from the naked eye: it is only the sea. Magikarps swim along side the Sire like a father.

Vulpix curled in a ball with her eyes closed only opening to the crash of water, her eyes were always open. Martin was the same.

“Ye alrite thr Martin?” Martins throat erupted and clogged at the last second.

“Are we almost there?”

“Onlyanhour and well be there.”

Franklin glared out into the sea staring deep at the Magikarps. Their eyes moved rapidly side to side, fearful.

“You know your mom isn’t going to be there. Right?”

Franklin can feel the shadow of his father across his cheek.

“I know.” Martin, unsure, responded coldly “Than why did you say that back on the pier?”

Franklin layed his head on rim, staring at the Magikarps stuggeling to follow the Sire.

“I need to find her.”

“Why? We could just stay home and you can play with Vulpix at home.”

“I can’t, dad.”

“I don’t understand, Frank, why do you have to find her? We haven’t seen her or heard from her in… in a long time.”

“I need to know.”

Martin walked to the rim and looked down at the water, maybe at the Magikarps, and met Franklin at the eyes.”

“Know what? What do you need to know?”

Franklin walked away and towards the restless Vulpix.


“I need to know why she left.”


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