Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 5

The dock was old and missing a plank every other step. The sand was filled with Pokemon that Franklin didn’t know. His sandy blonde hair was blowing against the salty breeze. Martin stood having final words with the captain. Vulpix recalled and clenched tight in Franklin’s fist. Tangelo Island life in the city exploded in comparison to Valencia. Valencia only has a couple of stores, Tangelo Island is a large city shadowed by a tall mountain climbing over the city. Flocks of Pokemon soar over the city, screaming their call down into the city below.

“You ready to go, Frank?”

Martin walked into the sand and his left ankle sinks. Martin lets out a roar as a large orange crab erupts from the sand, ankle in pincer.

“Franklin! Go get help! This monster is gonna kill me!”

Franklin took a step towards the city and stops. Throwing his Premier ball into the air,

“Go, Vulpix!”

Vulpix released a sleepy cry and stared at the crab, and it released Martins ankle as he crawled in the sand in the opposite direction.  The crab swung its two pincers in the air and walked side ways smashing Vulpix across the head sending her flying towards Franklin’s boots.

“Get up and fight! Attack that crab!”

Vulpix stared blankly up at Franklin and cried. The crab charged again and opened its mouth and sent bubbles towards Vulpix. They popped on her skin, it sounded like a gun going off against bare ears, she cried and fainted.


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