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Trainer Orange Ep. 6

Valencia’s buildings all looked the same. Franklin has seen Pokecenters on the television before but none of these buildings sparked familiarity.

“Franklin slow down,” Martin said limping behind. Vulpix’s breathing in Frankin’s arm was becoming feint, the complete opposite of Frankin’s. Steady brink buildings, blurry faces, and domesticated Pokemon, and no Pokecenter.

The edge of Valencia, the end of the city, a building of red brick and a red roof with a Pokeball engraved into white lining. The ball was large, the size of Franklin’s eyes. Vulpix, cradled in Franklin’s failing arms, body previously burning the flesh of his arms now going cold.

The door of the Center automatically opened and a blast of cool air ejects.

“Hello and wel- Oh my! Bring her here sweety,” a young woman said. Her voice was high pitched as she trotted towards Franklin. The woman wore a white dress tied in the back with a large bow and a red cross in the center of her white cap. She relieved Franklin’s duty and took Vulpix to a table occupied by two other women wearing the same attire.

“Will she be okay?” One of the nurses looked up and took Vulpix to a isolated room.

The red haired nurse returned to Franklin, “Your Vulpix received series damage, she will be recovering for a couple of hours. I would stay away from the Krabby at the pier, they are dangerous Pokemon and not something beginning trainers should battle,” she concluded and held her hand out.

Franklin’s face turned green and handed the Premier ball over to the nurse.


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