Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 7

The waiting room was still and slanted. Nurses switched rooms quickly without a glance out. Pokemon being taken back and forth, large ones, large enough their horns or skulls would touch the ceiling. A Snorlax came through, just like Red’s, eye swollen shut and purple like a plum. A young girl, reminded Franklin of Tina, had bug bites the size of plums on her right arm. Tears drowned her eyes as a nervous adult and the red haired nurse escorted her to a back room. All the panic in this Pokecenter, the red haired nurse never seemed flustered or bothered.

Vulpix had been checked into the Pokecenter an hour ago, the red haired nurse moved towards Martin, who was fiddling with change at a vending machine. Mumbling, the nurse did the majority of the talking and filled Martin with white pause that held his tongue. She walked away from him and he stood there. Franklin glared at him until Martin finally looked back.

“Vulpix is going to be fine.” Franklin felt the oxygen exits his lungs into the Center.

“However,” The air backtracked. “We don’t have the money to the pay the bill. Even at home, I don’t have the money.”

The white left Martin and entered Franklin.

“I only brought enough for food and a room. The bill is that, plus.”

Franklin raised to his feet and headed towards the exit of the Center. Tangelo Island was quiet and the streets bare and Franklin walked it.

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