Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 8

“Frank! Where are you going?”

Possessed Franklin walked Tangelo’s street cluelessly. People passed with their Pokemon and wild ones flew above. Buildings idle housed possibly the futures next great.

“Frank!” Franklin stopped.


“Nurse Joy mentioned there was a virtual simulator happening today just up the road. She said it’s where all the people in the waiting room were headed.”

Franklin heard the feint music in the background, the one Red battles to.

Children lined up outside this, this different building. Wide rounded with vibrant red and blue painting and flashing lights to encourage the waiting.

“Hello and welcome trainers!” someone said. The children huddled around a screen with a young man on. He wore a bright yellow shirt with tall black hair sharp as Spearow talons with wide eyes and held a Pokeball.

“I am Senta, one of the five Orange Crew!” The crowd roared with excitement and joy.

“Who is that Frank, Martin said with thee utmost confusion. Franklin’s eyes didn’t budge from the screen.

“Today is the day! The virtual contest will start and end today. Win five battles and you will battle me to be crowned the winner!” The crowd roared as Senta spreads his arms wide as if to prepare for flight. “Your prize of course is a Pokemon egg prepared by my older sister and previous Mikan gym leader, Cissy, and yes 1,000 Pokedollars! Only the best will overcome these challenges, so let the battle begin!”

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