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Trainer Orange Ep. 9

Tournament hopefuls lined against the wall, pacing and excited. Men, women, girls, and boys, there was no requirements so the entire island showed up. Boys huddled together crafting strategies and admiring their Pokemon. Small ones, Pokemon Franklin has never seen on the television before.

“Frank,” Martin hovered around Franklin, anxious and jittery around all these Pokemon.

“Is this how you get the money? You’ve never been in a battle before and the only encounter you’ve had ended with Vulpix in the Center.”

“What is your point.”

“Just don’t want us wasting time. We can find another way to get the money.”

“There isn’t-any-other-way dad. I have to start somewhere and a tournament where they supply the Pokemon will even out the playing field.” The line went fast and Franklin was already up. The lady at the counter looked joyful even after serving at least one hundred contestants so far,

“Hi, welcome to the Tangelo battle arena! I just need your name and where your from and you’ll step to the side to get your Id and battle number.”

“My name is Franklin Flyson and I’m from Valencia Island.”

“Flyson? Is that correct,” The counter lady asked.


“Okay Mr. Flyson, please step to the side and your id will be given shortly. Thank you and good luck!”

The photo was quick and left Franklin blinking hurriedly. The ID number was 100382 next to his photo and his hometown. A buzz overhead circled through the stadium,

“Pokemon trainers! After you have your ID, please gather inside and the pairing will begin!”


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