Trainer Orange Ep. 10

Tense, the entrees gathered around without a whisper. Martin wasn’t allowed to follow, waiting in the lobby with the other parents. 

A woman, large purple hair and a professors trench coat dragged along the cold tiles. Professor Ivy, Franklin has caught her on the t.v before talking about Pokemon. Red’s friend used to live at her labrototy before moving back home to Kanto Region. Professor Ivy stopped briefly at each participant and whispered and moved along. She made her way quickly and the entrees lingered on her even after she walked past.

“Hello, er Franklin. I’m Professor Ivy and I’ll walk you through the basics and than there will be a short tutorial before the first round begins. I just wanted to make sure the entrees know that the Pokemon that you guys are going to be using live at my lab. They are my family so I want you guys to treat them with care.”

“I understand Professor.”

“Why are you entering Franklin?”

“I need the money for… For my family.”

Ivy surveyed Franklin, “I wish you the best of luck Franklin. For your family.” Professor Ivy walked to the next participant


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