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Trainer Orange Ep. 11

“Okay, Franklin, i’ll run you through the basics,”  Ivy’s assistant said. A tall woman wore a similar professors coat, long brown hair, and a Pokeball necklace with jade earrings.

“First thing you need to know about battle, each Pokemon has there own attacks and abilities. They won’t act unless you know them and call them out. Here, i’ll show you.”

The assistant took a blue Pokeball out from her satchel and threw it out onto the battle arena, “go Poliwhirl!” Poliwhirl erupted from the ball and stood in front of the assistant. Poliwhirl was an aqua blue with full eyes and a white belly with a thin black swirl.

The arena was empty as she gave her instructions, thousand of seats, idle. The lack of people drew the eyes of Franklin as he gazed around.

“Franklin? Hey, Franklin, stay with me. Poliwhirl is a water type Pokemon. They are popular here on the Islands. Types of Pokemon depend on the geographic settings, an Island more water Pokemon, in the forest bug and grass type Pokemon, and in the mountains you will find rock and ground type Pokemon. Each type of Pokemon has strengths and weaknesses depending on type ,this is knowledge of an experienced trainer. For now, i’ll get back to the basics.”

“Knowledge of attacks will come over time so pay attention, study, and you’ll develop with more experience.” The assistant turned away from Franklin and looked towards Poliwhirl, “Poliwhirl, Water Gun!”

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