Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 13

The bundled group of trainers by the exit halted and stared at Max and Franklin. Max walked closer to Franklin,

“Who are you? I’ve never seen you before at a contest, gym, or ever. Is a rookie calling me out?”

Max’s olive eyes peered down into Franklin’s and then down at his clutched fist.

“Are you angry kid? What is your name?”

“I’m Franklin, and I am going to win this tournament.” Max took a step back and started to walk away, “I hope we get the chance to battle Frank. I’d love to be the one to send you home and a little advice, Frank, shouldn’t pick on the pros.”

Max walked towards another group of trainers and blended in. The large group at the exit separated.

“Hey, Franklin, right?” A young lass extended her hand, “I’m Vanessa and this is my brother and sister Tyler and Daisy.”

“Yeah i’m Franklin, it’s nice to meet you guys,” Franklin said reaching for her hand.

“This is your first time here right? I’ve never seen you before and I know most of the trainers here from other tournaments and contests. It’s okay, this is also Tyler’s and Daisy’s first as well.”

“Yeah its my first tournament. I just caught my first Pokemon yesterday.”

“Wow! Can we see it,” Daisy said as she held a Pokeball in her hand.

Franklin stared at the tiles, “I… don’t have her with me. She is in the Pokemon center.”

Vanessa put her hand on Franklin’s shoulder, “Hey, its okay Daisy don’t make that face. I came over here to say thank you. Max is not a terrible guy but he picks on the newbies. Hey, Tyler and Daisy, why don’t you show Franklin your first Pokemon.”


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