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Trainer Orange Ep. 14

“Wow Daisy, what is your Oddish’s name,” Franklin asked on his knees.

“Her name is Daisy.” Franklin’s smile captured Daisy’s.

“Daisy the trainer and Daisy the Oddish. “What is your… ah sorry I don’t know what your Pokemon is.”

“It’s okay, they don’t originate here on the islands. I caught him when our family went to Vermilion City.  It’s a Drowzee and his name is Greg,” Tyler said.

Turning to Vanessa, “your family visits the Indigo league?”

“Yeah, our uncle wants to be a gym leader there after he got out of the army. Its been tough so seeing his nephew and niece helps.”

Franklin arched his brow and watched Greg and Daisy returned to their respective balls.

“So your Vulpix? What is her name,” Vanessa asked.

“I… I actually didn’t give her a name. Not yet anyway. I’ve only had her for a couple of days before..”

“That’s why your here. To win the prize money, but I don’t think you’ve been in a battle before.”

“It’s that obvious? Max noticed it too.”

“Look, I’ve won this contest a long time ago, about when I was your age. I’m participating  but I’m here for my brother and sister. Borrow my Pokedex, try to memorize some moves. Ivy carries only Island Pokemon so go over those. The tournament is going to start in an hour so good luck.”

“Like Red..Vanessa wait, why are you helping me?”

“Lets go Daisy, Tyler, Franklin needs to study. I’m helping because I don’t leave a Pokemon behind.”

Vanessa walked away with Daisy and Tyler. Franklin stared at the Pokedex as he powered it up.


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