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Trainer Orange Ep. 15

“Welcome ladies and gentleman! The first round will now begin! It is an elimination to bring the number of contestants down to thirty-two! Each trainer will get three Pokemon, just like gym battles, from Professor Ivy at random. These elimination rounds will also be randomized and the first battle… will be now! Trainer 116 Leo versus Trainer 003 Max!”

The stage shifted and a calm meadow claims the center arena.

~”Each battle will take place on a different arena that will compliment the Pokemon given for the battle. This keeps trainers on their feet and keeps them from getting comfortable. This helps keep the battle fresh and different for the fans as well.”

This must be the field change Vanessa was talking about.

The crowd roared after the calling of Max as he enters the stage twirling a Pokeball above his finger and an inch into the air.

“Watch out Leo! This guy is a psychic!”

Leo looked down at the trio of Pokeballs and launched one into the air and red and white beams of light explode onto the meadow.

“We have a Weepingbell,” the announcer shouted. Weepinbell had a large mouth with petal arms and a short stem. Large beady eyes followed Max’s floating Pokeball around.

Franklin opened Vanessa’s Pokedex and searched for Weepinbell.

Weepinbell is a flycatcher Pokemon. Combination of Grass and Poison type and the evolved form of Bellsprout. 

Max smirked and released the Pokeball.

“Now we have a Hypno!” Hypno had pointy ears and white fur around the Pokemon’s pure mustard body. Hypno swung a large coin back and forth on a string at the Weepinbell.

Hypno, the Hypnosis Pokemon. Psychic type and the evolved form of Drowzee.

~”You were briefly told about type advantages but its a long chart of different types and it will take time to memorize but it will help. Like water beats fire, fire beats grass, and grass beats water.”

Psychic has an advantage over poison according to the Dex.

“Weepinbell, Razor Leaf,” Leo commanded. Paper thin crescent leaves shot from Weepinbell’s petal arms.

“Teleport, Hypno!” The leaves flew through Hypno and sliced down into the meadow. The crowd swung their head back and forth looking for Hypno.

“Hypno, Psybeam!” A rainbow dagger crashed into the back of Weepinbell’s stem and he crashed eyes first into the arena. Hypno stood next to Max as the referee checked Weepinbell. Weepinbell’s eyes were swirls and non responsive.

“Weepinbell is unable to continue, Hypno wins this round!”


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