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Trainer Orange Ep. 37

Franklin waited near the cabin for Daisy and Tyler. Vanessa sat near Raichu, never making a glance of interest. As they exited, Daisy and Tyler never made a gesture to her and began walking the trail.

The forest was lively. Pokemon scrambled through the trees, rustling bushes, and trampling leaves.

“Franklin? Have you ever caught a Pokemon? Besides Vulpix,” Tyler said.

Franklin watched the leaves crumble beneath his walked, “No. No just her. I just threw the ball.” 

Daisy and Tyler shared a look. Tyler ruffled through his trainer bag and pulled out five Pokeballs, “Here, take these! Mom and Dad bring them for us all the time so I have plenty!”

Before Franklin could deny, Tyler shoved them into his arm, “Also me and Daisy are gonna show you how to catch wild Pokemon!”

Franklin stared at the idle Pokeballs as Tyler rustled up against the bushes. A purple rat snapped at Tyler’s arm and growled at him furiously.

“A Rattata, go Greg,” Tyler said releasing his own Pokeball. 

Daisy stood close to Franklin, “Tyler is going to weaken the Rattata. This makes wild Pokemon easier to catch after they have used up most of their energy. We try not to do to much damage though. Fainted Pokemon we would need to take to the Pokemon Center. 

“Go, Greg! Confusion.” Purple waves emitted from Greg’s hands stunning the Rattata and sending it on its side. 

Tyler took out a Pokeball and threw it at the wild Rattata. The ball consumed the Rattata, one shake. Tyler and Greg watched the Pokeball twitch, waiting. The second shake, Daisy clenched Franklin’s arm. The third shake, the ball’s center circle faded from red to white. 

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