Poetry · Writing

Summer Nights

Chasing cars

blasting past

night- mare’s stampede through interludes chaining lamp post to flaming wheels and hooves.

Sout – hern – lights

flashing back to those

su – m – mer nights

chasing love with

all – our – might

I’ll see you

chances are

be rain then shine

see you in the morning

baby leaves me high

Poetry · Writing

Liminal Space

I exist in the threshold.

Waving back and forth like a swing on a peaceful night before a crescent moon.

Flashing forward and pulling my face back before the burns sink in.

The icy catacombs to the rear only chase the path closer to death.

I exist in the threshold

by choice.

The icy nightmares push me forward to flames of war

so I’ll stay in limbo.

The paradise, the cascade

will shortly follow.

Poetry · Writing

Holy Ghost

Not the Saint

I was once, straight

hanging out in your paradise.

Scared of being lost in love

I crave it on the daily

your ecstasy hangs from tips of our lips

hiding in the light of lonely nights.

The spirit keeps me close to you

but baby baby baby

time is ever-changing

the minutes n the hours pass

you remind me of the angel on the painted glass.

Not the Saint

I was once, less

maybe more

closer to the singing task.

Poetry · Writing

Understand the need

Battling the need-

keeping it away with the pitch of a swollen voice

pitch fork.

Feeding the need-

with your ecstasy clenching my legs like a knotted rope

leaves me dangling from the sky above.

Creating the need-

leaping distance of human centuries into land being sung to sleep by a holy ghost

and I- the lead.

Chasing the need-

why chase something that is following you.

Taming the need-

the wild beast roars disenchanted fighting from a large cage breaking the steel bars

one lyric at a time.

Living with the need-

I’ll get back to you.

Finding flipping pages chasing dreams to real to flip

and I feel you.

Poetry · Writing


Climbing the ladder

be the stair master


live underwater

clown the sea laughter.

one time – for that good feeling

never-never heard of it

reach for the ceiling

laugh for the fuck of it.

Ha ha a night in the mirror

two sides of the coin

two faces on fire

the joker of lines.


Poetry · Writing

Chasing You

Crowd full of strangers

masked entity

charming light kissed the top of her lips

magic blast the side of my cheek

never dropped eye contact.

Ceiling falling all around

chasing sirens

flashing lights

paint strapped the bottom of my shoes


red until the moon turns bloody

red until my hands start running

never lost you

even after they dragged me away

the light still caught your lips


Poetry · Writing

Wake Me Up

Life is a game

and love is the prize.

Teaching around the world

game made for everyone.

All this time to myself

didn’t know I was lost.

Wake me up

when I’m wiser and older.

Finding who I was

never seemed so far away.

Till the light carried us out

strong in their two hands.