Poetry · Writing

raising petals; completionest

i need you

like the flower needs the sun

when it’s all said and done

as i wilt away

in trenches of rain

my last thoughts will be of you

days spent in shine

my final quest;

Poetry · Writing

wall puzzle; trouble ;bottomless dream

building a puzzle

without all the pieces

test my patience

buidling blocks surround my knuckles

science project and your the thesis

a little love and all my dedication;

that’s the kind of love

i’ve been dreaming of-

one bred of dreams

probably why the puzzle is never finished

different pieces every night

never waking up so by all means

maybe not forever just give me another minute

before stripped by daily light

Poetry · Writing

empty verse; live mutiny

i. watch. myself. through. a. window.

i lost my pulse

driving away in a hearse

my reflection is a curse

nothing but a blank verse;

i. wouldn’t. wish. this. feeling. on. anyone.

emptiness bred immunity

only one in my community

before banished via mutiny

leaving me with this opportunity;

let. me. leave. this. hell. i. called. home.

Poetry · Writing


the night to the day to the, light

all we can do is shoot up, right

baby baby baby give it that time

pennies don’t turn changes to dimes over night

put the ladder all the way up ’til we touchin’ the sky

a world of dreams will never be this high

somehow we gotta find a way;

i wouldn’t wait forever

just shoot your shot

we don’t need no more, no extra

we all we got;


let it be a reaction

just a mental attraction

fighting invisble water

this hole is my alma mater

in love with a lie

thought i could fly

just wanna feel that free

fuck it all if it all ain’t me

somehow we gotta find a way-