Poetry · Writing

channel island;

isn’t she love ly

one of a kind;

never strayed to far

free to change the day as a star

fruit from a tree

war has tied and the one will never flee

ripe with sight

vision of the night-

night for the dreams dreams for the morrow morrow of the world

and the world is yours

Poetry · Writing


today is a challenge

challenge of a step

on a spiral staircase

around an oak tree

towards the moon;

you’ll find the top to be lonely and the bottom tempting

like a swimming pool

Poetry · Writing


i spent the whole day thinking about you

writing poems about you, you

in my last life it was you

in this one it will be you, you

never take a pause you

are the shinning star you, you

are the center of it all you

are the spring in these sneakers you, you

come to me in my dreams you

make me never want to leave this bed you, you

put your hands in mine chest in mine you

make me never want to leave this bed you, you

have me writing love poems about you

and for you all of me to you never waivering for you

armor wove of love you will never see it crack you

will see your own reflection

Poetry · Writing


it is hard- to not be excited about tomorrow

every second closer to the next

is another closer to you

fear never in the rear

yet, it needs to be just for me

to set a bomb at 1159

will end tomorrow

before the alarm sets

the last tick

tomorrow ends with a crick

in a mellow field



Poetry · Writing

purity in the eyes of spirits

chase like the wind runs after its mother

without thought the words find their life;

the words sleep and find their way

pure and it’s a dream

never lay with ambition;

turns the dream into a nightmare

loses the nature and the beauty

the spirits that made these word

will hold them captive

the spirits made these words

and they’ll take them back

Poetry · Writing

poison ivy

stay; stay and grab a hammer

it’ll call for long nights but we have

a foundation with strong roots

i can see:

a garden in the back

an office for you

a type writer by the window;

you said you hate the ivy look

but it fits our older soul

and will grow older

if you choose to stay


Poetry · Writing

one spell – two bell

the way we tell it, i found you-

really, you found me;

a wanderer,

and you;

never let me stray,

your eyes found me

deep into my arms

shut off all my alarms

while smiling

file two smile and i’ve been yours

walking that extra mile-

you found me walking nowhere in circles

a dream and two cents

and now its three and a mission

a magician with a spell

and with your permission

i’ll make this the last one

ring the one bell