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it won’t change- with time

age like talent on the road

besides you’ll be with me on the road

hang tight the ceiling is bound to glow

this dream will grow and bleed it’s a limited time

and a good time.

Fleeting is the seconds wasted lying in a booth

all to hear lies travel faster then the truth

hiding in the league drinking all the Vermouth

will sing carols to the sickly weak

breathing in the week

adding to the tablet too

a dream only met for two.

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Light Bulbs and Glitter

He pulled me aside

asked if I was married.

I did everything in my power to keep a straight face, and told him no.

He looked over to his wife and whispered to her across the room-

I wouldn’t be alive without that women. She winked at him-

sparkles under the light

(how did she know) like they were linked

physically was only a check mark

to their transcripts.

You got a girl like that, son?

I smiled and paused. One day, right?

The breath of the warrior staggered to thee pause.

Wisdom shared through years

of visual cues

and challenges of passion

life challenged.

The veteran finished his drink and walked out with his wife

a trail followed them out

little light bulbs and glitter.

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Madness or Truth

Never more honest than when I am here

a pure goat climbing the mountain to see what’s at the top

and who will be there.

Madness will set you free

and I see the burning wheels in my hands

and in my nightmares

madness set me free

and rules will only serve as gentle reminders

that others wait to be unlocked.

You test me-

like a trial of physical endurance and

mental fortitude and I find solace

in your quest-

to run at your speed only for you to sprint

and curse the chaser.

Stand on a one a scream it’s a seven

to truly be a ten I needth to remove

our beraings and live by no chain.

Madness removed the walls

learning the place I exist in

like it or not, I’ll peel

and adapt

trapped no more in petty withholding

and I’ll take what I want

and you’ll join me at the top-

madness won’t let thy go anywhere


You’ll be the constant ticking in my skull

transferred details of a human I once was

and now exist as two

as one.

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Saint’s Ancestral Plane

These are your shoes I wear:

Fireworks shared near by

and these are your shoes on my feet

I never saw this for me

wife and family maybe

but you believed in me

and will toast to the sky

to let you down for an hour.

Tell me, am I doing this right?

The last of a dying breed

a chip on my shoulders

and the nightmares that follow

impossible to not see the red run down my palms

but I know you’d say

I have more to say

more to live- more to dream.

To love that pretty girl who drives me wild

to put on that White Coat and wear it proud

to give a second chance-

Our time is up- the night grew cold

will talk next year

same place same time I’ll be here.


Poetry · Writing


am i real if you can see right through me

blink away the flashing lights

do you believe it? do you believe?

do you ever wonder

if this is all we could be-

we can raise our glasses

dancing on the ashes

as it burns.

is this Heaven?

or is this Hell?

’cause i can’t tell

what you’re showing me is real.

false mirrors leading straight down

like a broken record

telling me what i don’t need-

i don’t-

is this?

have you reached the point of no return

we can raise our glasses

dancing on the ashes

as it burns.

if this is Hell will dance and live

until Heaven

tells us is this enough.

is it enough- because i’ve had enough.

Poetry · Writing

Carton of Milk

It’s all to different, honey

not enough money

for you to stay


in my arms

back to the farm

I never did you any harm

and now you say you found someone new

too late all those flowers done was turn blue

round trip tickets

popped bottles telling secrets

and you’ll tell me you’re happy with him

singing the songs you sang to me to him

except when you call me and not him.

Feelings stayed way to warm in here

two feet off the ground, no fear

chairs stacked to the roof- closing time

Semisonic burned the roof down- feelings time

and will be seen together

chasing bills and a dream our endeavor

and you’ll send me out in white silk

I’ll be back with a carton of milk.




Counting and counting

the rules break

the boards clear

and you’ll stand taller.

Sweat on my brow

soft finger of lifting spirits

and will charge the light

with blinding shields as visors

counting numbers like bills

on the heart of a goddess.

She’ll arise under the same light

precious eyes and blushed skin

crunching her mind

and I’ll bite the light

only I shall count

the number of truths.

Poetry · Writing

Restless Speech & White Clouds

Ripped off covers


light breathed in

and the bullets flew.

Tragedy, loss all stem from the adversity

in our knees and we cower from fear

like a monster destroying the city- sin.

You’ll show me the way-

to walk in light and past

the darkened house on the corner

the past crowds and home for a cooked meal.

Tonight might be the night~

wake from a restless sleep in a light bed

and it’ll be the end I read about

and you’d never know.

I can see you waiting-

patiently awaiting

and I won’t make it home on time

just know


Poetry · Writing

Sink The Lighthouse

The time is coming

fumes are burning

thee last lamps taste

tragedy face blue moons

a fear of temptation

the leaky foundation

bathed in star light

a lasting cruel night

Fatal addiction

a contradiction

cruel and selfish

since fear itself

a lone ship

blown warship

the fire is quiet

a tragic riot

a sailor will call

don’t quit, we’re all in

but they’ll cry their eyes out, if we

sink the lighthouse.