Poetry · Writing

out for the count

fight about me

i’ll sit ring side

run play by play

get mine

while you lose yours,

didn’t wanna be the one

but i’m the one

an it stressin’ you out

want me to take you out

tell me i’m the one

an you hate it-

only stay one night

three nights later we’ve seen

every episode of full house

who’s dreamin’

delivery every night

don’t wanna leave this bed

an you hate it

Poetry · Writing

i am sorry, justin

i am sorry,

i could give you every excuse in the book:

four classes and work

pokemon is calling my name

toxicity leaks from veins,

yet nothing grieves me more

knowing i kept you on hold

i can say i will make it up to you,

but this stylish line only dazzles

in a mirror,

you deserve better

it’s just not in my veins

Poetry · Writing

four apples

hands behind my back

these aren’t the apples

i was looking for

i remember

the strength leavin’ my tips

for four straight nights

four bars over four moons

this cell is my home

brought an apple every fourth hour

four steps in four steps out

just the white lines on the stone ground,

they were different four days ago

is this

granny smith