Poetry · Writing

beloved rise


on the edge and i explode-

your hands on my burning chest

finding every inch of me

at the tip of your buds

opened up like a flood

your beating heart on mine

sleeping with a rake in my hair

and your shoulders are the handle

Poetry · Writing

icy legs

never questioned the answer

from worried lips

shaking like winter is here

the long night is upon us;

you lied-

i know you did but you pretend like i don’t

and like tomorrow will wash it away

scrub and scrub

i can still feel your words biting at my skin

never questioned your answer because it was the truth

in that moment; in that moment

your truth was words found burried underground

and you sold them to me for half off-

lies lie lies

spin your web

i’ll wait here, to see how far you’ll go

Poetry · Writing

act four scene two

it is the same act over and over

and i play the fool

a fiddle and a dress

i dance and dance

serving bread and wine

invisible to the eye

a fool by trait

lost by war;

and i play the fool

not the prince or a knight

we enter first and leave last

steadfast punchline

and laughs that shake the family line

blood never pours from my belly

just from my eyes

watching everything go up in flames

faster then i can pour the wine

and even though i play the fool

i can be brave at times

without a penny to my name

i found love

if money buys you love

then love is not enough

Poetry · Writing

walking miracle

i watched you

walk away

and walk back

patter around in circles

chasing your tail

digging a hole

burying a bone;

i watched you

give life to a dead body

rising from ashes

a part that was long gone

a part that had given up-

i watched you preform a miracle,

not a spell or a wish

effort and a gift,

Poetry · Writing

service light

force fed-

stuck around to hear your service

blinking light came on

oil check, but was fed your lies

you’ll need to stick around and remove your eyes

change your ears and optional but would reccomend

a heart pump change

for somethng out of your shop;

a discount you swear

this pump will be different you swear

limping from your shop

everything disconnected

and the service light is off

Poetry · Writing

stone mountain

best believe-

best believe your tokens are no good here

we share currency from stone pockets

stone mountain- picks and hammers looking for gold

not for currency- your tokens are no good here

to shine on your finger,

it’ll break the mountain top

send rocks and fools gold tumbling down

cracking the earth below

best believe

when the earth settles and the tears fade

know, your gratitude, your tokens

are no good here

Poetry · Writing

reruns on the plane;

i fell for you


still falling no bottom in sight

i am falling for you

a marathon that gets better and better

a show that is renewed every year

it gets better and better no filler

i record every episode

i like to watch them on my free time

or when i’m not free

and you’ll take me captive

i’ll wake up in my own bed

and i’ll put on reruns