Poetry · Writing

lake of mine;

i need you-

i don’t understand why that is so hard to admit,

i am someone who won’t ask for help

even when everything is flooded and i’ve lost an oar

and when no one else is coming or can even see the water

you; but with you, you i need around,

the feel of your hands on mine

leaves a chill down my spine

the soft voice echoing, saying everything will be alright

lips on my ear, everything will be alright

you are the other oar when i am drowning

when the day is beautiful;

and the day is ours to enjoy

and i am never drowning

Poetry · Writing


there is something special

about being needed-

knowing that you make someones day

just by doing something little

that a small task can turn make their week

i long for it

going on a trip and i want to be marked essential

not that i have potential and more than influential

pick me up and don’t put me down

i am-

i am

Poetry · Writing

cupid’s dmv

steady hand

the god with the steadiest and he never misses

truth sight and a bond issued

we waited our turn for something this real

love this real

not the temporary they handout to appease you

they can’t be the one to please you

cupid has not found your one;

number forty-two thousand and ninety three-

hoping it is our turn, i will finally have my number called

not this year

or the next

others picked what seems at random

what is it that they have but not i

challenge them for the love that i believe to deserve

enough is enough and temporary handouts it is enough

they don’t deserve this as much as i

will hold hands in line together

and wait for our chance;

Poetry · Writing

god’s arcade

chance is-

we get a second chance with another life

a god puts quarters into a game

and we reboot in a new body

new memories new family new lovers

in that life i never touch a pen

i carry a ball and a glove

a gun and knife

a purse and a baby-


we live in the shadow of our god

the one pushing quarters to give us life

and we chase the same love they look for

and that’s why i always find myself in your arms

Poetry · Writing

demon killers

if i sold everything i have

i still wouldn’t deserve you-

it may not be true

but it is true to me

and i don’t deserve you-

but i’ll prove it;

the late nights let the past creep in

when the doors are locked and bolted shut

trespassing over my private property

and it’ll run a muck, yet,

everyday putting i will put in the work

from nine to five staying late working overtime

to prove that these demons don’t define me

and i will wonder:

i have brought myself from the darkest corner of hell,

i should have stayed and held that rope tighter

but i am here, fighting, so

does she deserve me-

and i see her working just as hard;

stomping her own demons

and i know we can survive anything

Poetry · Writing

do not enter – double a batteries

i know i have been in your thoughts

i woke up and my legs were shaking

roaming corridors i once lived finding myself a tourist

a map with rooms crossed out and a new name written

on brown tape-

renting or buying

a night affair or a lifetime package

why was i brought to witness;

a chance to outbid

or walk down a memory lane with caution tape

boarding off every entrance,

the tape was my doing

but the exhibits were made to last

and i wonder

how many double a batteries

it would take

Poetry · Writing

stringless kite

a little lost now

following a kite

map shredded

two nights to get it

and i have never felt, whatever this is-

a chilling call

not a heroes call

an endless brawl through the nights free-for-all

and i have been losing

easier to count the small moments when i felt everything was whole

can do it with one hand

do not see the second being used

yet to push aside this feeling of being used

left beaten and bruised

to lay in the coldest of night

with nothing but a stringless kite

Poetry · Writing

yield sign re(move)d

we are worth more then one chance

i usually deploy a weak baseball rule

three strikes

but weak because i can never call anyone out

even when they deserve it-


bad shit comes in threes(bleed)

should have been a breeze(beast)

fucked around caught your disease(21)


you have been out for years

kept you around against my wishes

missed the days when it was simple

dimples and smiles got you in the door

war followed and never stopped-