Poetry · Writing


i can’t stop the shaking,

the feeling of giving up

dropping everything

& start anew.

somewhere where no one knows

anything, where i can build,

somewhere quiet,

it won’t stop the shaking

it’ll be back the next day

maybe a month from now

but that time

sounds perfect

Poetry · Writing

out for the count

fight about me

i’ll sit ring side

run play by play

get mine

while you lose yours,

didn’t wanna be the one

but i’m the one

an it stressin’ you out

want me to take you out

tell me i’m the one

an you hate it-

only stay one night

three nights later we’ve seen

every episode of full house

who’s dreamin’

delivery every night

don’t wanna leave this bed

an you hate it

Poetry · Writing

never one

to ask for help

rather bleed on the sidewalk

then ask for aid

at the tip of the blade

they prayed

then betrayed

all digging a grave with a heavy spade

no tombstones no markings

prepared for that future;

seems further by the day

Poetry · Writing

four o four

chances are

this is the last time i’ll see you;

face wiped away

like steam off a mirror

was never you

just me


this isn’t a goodbye

just a memory wipe

hardware error

when you speak

four o four

memory not found

had to start this way

fresh start

kind of

expatriation date is still the same

just a new shelf life

Poetry · Writing

all, nothing

intentions pure


the world you will have to endure;

don’t want you to see

the cold black under the world


it never needs to be that way

all or nothing

a tea spoon of sugar

never hurt anyone

make the world better for everyone

nothing gifted, earned run

all brand new, never a rerun

all for one

Poetry · Writing

snow globes & twizzlers

number one and nobody can fight that

just a hit away an you know it’s like that

everyone around me we beyond that

no one tell a lie no no not a rat

i’ll take it to go young g it’s a wrap,

day ones know i’ll be all the same

playin’ since day one and this is not a game

seen it once and it is fair game

when it all comes crashing down;

i’m the one to blame,

snow globes and twizzlers don’t feel the same

world still burst open,

hold me upside down i’m still floatin’

took a single hit and i’m just quotin’

she took a single hit she is just chokin’

hit the floor now we all broken