Poetry · Writing

mirror’s truth

they said you lied

and i believed it

Poetry · Writing


i can’t keep loosing you

gone too soon

tryin’ to get through to you

anotha’ second we break through

i know i ain’t a saint

scared straight

soul mate

scared straight

can’t keep loosing you, i can’t keep loosing you

where the hell you going?

where you taking this trip

don’t move, don’t stay, too

wait, i can’t seem to hold on

to, gone too soon

just can’t keep loosing you

Poetry · Writing

made-up king

walkin’ round like your

a king;

a king

you are a fucking king

i remember when

you first found that crown

wearing it around

like a fearless toddler;

i don’t know where that went-

i found the crown

i don’t know where you went

the best on your journey

maybe will meet up again soon.