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Fight The Feeling

“They’re gonna try to tell you no, shatter all your dreams. But you gotta get up, and go and think of better things.” – M


Breathe- never fight it just let life in

an empty map not to mark it would be a mortal sin

meet your twin

out livin’ laughin’ makin’ love till the season changes

and it ranges but she is an angel

makin’ life worth lovin’ she told me

you can’t fight the feeling

never wasted moments been at my lowest

left with your condolence my own opponent

endless roaming and never frozen

but I was chosen through self demotion

can’t feel emotion just want to live on the ocean

through all the commotion I can hear her say-

you can’t fight the feeling.

you can’t fight the feeling.


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when asked when to love;

never put much stock in the market

wanted to

be the standout price or waited for one to find me

silly or asleep

being to bee but always the worker never the queen

crying fiend

two types and always the catcher catching when you fall

standing tall

call when you say you miss me always nearby you make me wanna

be a good guy

when you say i love you i know the time is right now

here somehow

markets closed now lesson learned when asked when

now and then

time and again the one will find you and never a minute ahead

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Starry Dreams

i could never get tired of you-

sleep is not an escape

because i know you are

waiting for me in my dream

when i wake

i will watch the sun climb

but she could never be as high as me

when you enter my atmosphere

will go star shopping

pick you out the right one

so wherever we are

whenever we are

just like you and me

their will be a star burning forever

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Beach House

I have people in my life

that I see myself growing old with.

The love of my life, yes.

I’ve had the same few people here,

since day one. I see us,

living in a beach house.

No cloudy forest or

haunted houses

a beach house playing bridge;

I’ve never played but we will learn.

I see you guys their,

and it’s something I take for granted

because you’ve always been

like a shadow following me it’s always been there

like warmth in the summer and cold in the winter

I can see that beach house.

Not the place,

but the memories.

People come and go-

some pay rent and stay a little longer

but as the tides rise the only ship

to test time was this friendship.

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Best Day Ever

I never took a day off

work around the clock never stop never falloff.

I never said goodbye to Trevor

left in a hurry always a new endeavor

a brother and I’ll miss the way you said whatever

whoever whenever this life wasn’t forever but wherever you are

you’re here with me like Common will let it Be

a Seven and a dream we made one hell of a team.

No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile

pursuit to be happy, only laughing like a child.

I never told Malcolm what he meant to me

through depression living life under suppression

now making progression through self-expression

and this is my confession that you walked me through

and when it’s my time I wrote this for you

you on the drums and I’ll be on the keys

a jam session no questions.

Now I know the difference between the ground and the floor

if we got to fight, I’ll be down for the war

thumbs up-

Thanks to you, I never turned by back on love

like a fool thought I was cool but you’re such a jewel

and I never thought life would get this sweet

it got me cheesin’ from cheek to cheek

weak in my knees at ease antifreeze

and I ain’t going to wait for nothing

cause that just ain’t my style

it’s you when I smile

watching you walk down the aisle

life couldn’t get better

this gon’ be the best day ever.




Thank you to anyone who read, liked and left a comment on anything I posted this year or ever. I appreciate you, happy new year.


~Sam T. G.

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Angel of Two Fruits – Stainless Steel

I carry you with me everyday.

Find you in between the lines of each poem

in the songs I write and a god will smite

if I ever do wrong.

before me walks an angel

an angel of two fruits

and one bite, I was hers-

the sour outer to ward away the weak

until the sweet middle hold my tongue unable to speak.

Walking alone to the store

her shadow will hold my hand

and all the noise

with her the heart feels slow

a necklace of turbulence

a ring of the past

shoes of yesterdays choices

all these accessories

you’re the chain that never breaks

stainless steel one hell of a meal

and one day they’ll take a picture of me down on one knee.

Weightless around my neck

never in anything Aztec

sheltered from the storm, low-tech

rising above the rift and diving on the raft, high-tech

never taking a day off- never needing a rain check

the one and only, cashing in that pay-check.

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Sixteen Fears

I asked my buddy once

what he does to calm himself down.

He is an angry guy and he doesn’t get into fist fights

that I know of

so he must have a trick.

He told me he counts

s l o w l y

lowers his heart beat before he Hulks out.

After publicly laughing

and secretly taking notes

I tried it at home;

One, number of episodes I’ve seen of Ferrigno’s Hulk.

Two, number of times I had to convince myself that I’m not losing it before actually giving this a chance.

Three, pick up sticks.

Four, the number of times I thought about calling the love of my life and not doing it because I don’t want to be a bother.

Nine, worries I’ve given before reminding myself that she loves me and I need to escape the narrowing halls of my own mind.


Eighteen, the year I decided to burn the world down from a water tower.

Twenty-two, the damn Taylor Swift song that will probably test time.


Eighty-three, letters it takes for me to confess that I don’t want to roam this earth without you by my side.

One hundred and forty-three, It’ll be okay, as long as you know that you’re worth it and won’t give in to every single hick up even though your mortal self can’t help it.

Here, I learn he doesn’t deal with anger,

it’s the way to talk out his own insecurities.

Mine showed their tattooed faces at the first sign of a rain drop

no forecast of showers

towers blocking the sun

gun cocked to my own forehead

dread as I lower my own arm;

One hundred and forty-four, one day these worries will mute, the button is jammed in the remote but it’ll pop out, just have to keep counting.

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My Hero

Flipping channels

through all these different success stories

a chance to make a life

to be someones

either through blood

or opportunity.

Them being their, doesn’t mean they’re the best

waiting for the next great to pick up that shield

a Captain is always on the way.

I watch, knowing someone who sings better

paints better

and at the age of four

I learned that people are not born equal

death is a guarantee

and failure is a privilege,

not all of us see the stars.

So will flip channels

pretend that these people never scaled that mountain

and reached

even for a second

to be someones hero;

even if they can’t see the same stairs

or know how to walk

those heroes reach an arm out

lend an ear see the sea smell the breeze

they’ll be there for tough times

sing their song

end their show

with us in our living room

thank you



but I’ll be their one day

with all my might.