Poetry · Writing

bloody night

they said i’d remember it

for the rest of my life

the first time would be so sweet

nothing would ever replace it

like a mother’s love;

just not how i remember it,

knives in my back,

i’ll remember that

Poetry · Writing

made-up king

walkin’ round like your

a king;

a king

you are a fucking king

i remember when

you first found that crown

wearing it around

like a fearless toddler;

i don’t know where that went-

i found the crown

i don’t know where you went

the best on your journey

maybe will meet up again soon.

Poetry · Writing

winnie; mad man

you taste like honey

in my memories you taste like honey

honey trust me i’ll be your pot

keep you safe

in all of our haste

everything we have faced

never stopped to put them in their place

it was all not a waste

attached at the waist

at your side i could never be erased

tell them all that i am that man

a lover a single dedicated brand

crowd pleaser one you always have to stan

i’ve been that man

this is the ground plan

i gave up being that madman