Poetry · Writing

rocks and stars

i wonder why you wait;

on hands and knees

for the rocks to shift into stars

once the star has fallen, it’ll never glow

rise, it might shine for a day

roll around in the mud

but return.

oh baby you’re the star everyone wants

but no one can be

glowing steadily

wishing for a god

to bring your star back

she’ll listen

but not even she

can bring back what has fallen

Poetry · Writing

honey flavor

it is a need

without second guessing or thinking

hands lay in yours

head in your lap

everything on the table

no where to hide

all on the line-


in the eye of a lion,

weak and exposed,

in the eye of you

i found something new-

safety in fear

fear that this is a dream

a dream i never want to wake from

Poetry · Writing

bubbles in this bitch;

rising tides higer bars loving times

they could never beat you;

they rubbed sand in your eyes

and you blinked in there face


they can’t keep you down

your standards let them know that they are all clowns

probably should have inserted another noun

but it is what it is

the money makin’ ms

when you take the pop quiz

all the answers are b for back that shit up

i’m about to blowup

take a picture beacuse your makeup

could never look this good buttercup

blow bubbles on them babe

hit them with your cape

they are all just lesser apes

that gave up on their dreams.

i feel bad for them.

Poetry · Writing

loading screen

adventures- here

gather around, this will take only a second

stop counting it’s a figure of speech,

you will lose.

respawn again and again

you weren’t the first

and won’t be the last

and it is okay.

the start screen isn’t the end

or the beginning

it’s today

Poetry · Writing

jungle book:’

it’s raining;

a week of it or so

nothing stronger then the fire

you left and now everything is gunfire,

rounds in my captivity

less and less full activity;

the rain came and it was already a jungle

beast running wild prowling on uneaten remains-

i needed your sun

and the beast came

howling at night

hunting during the day

lay away pathway waste in a day

mayday – mayday

wish we could find the boat that day in may

and sail back, to an island

leave this jungle-

the rain washed away the map

in branches hiding from monsters

looking at the sky

hoping for a pause

looking at the sky


Poetry · Writing

trojan horse

we fall

we rise

we find each other at the bottom

it’s not where we started but we here

here at a fountain;

throwin’ dimes

wishin’ for a miracle:

feedin’ weedin’ threw the muk at the bottom

can i get a dolla fifty?

fifty begging for air


we got here

out of the weeds

through the open doors

into a day

where we could breathe fresh air

where the mornings are filled with jelly toast and cartoons

where the nights are not filled with open prayers and sealed letters

and this is Troy

Poetry · Writing


it swirls inside me

nothing i can do;

locked in a room and nothing but a light-

hearing the blade swinging round and round

a powerful swosh like top of nike hill


shaking with floating pieces of a being

i can’t make out

and everything goes black-

falling to pieces breaking bread with an unknown substance

racing the floor punishing like grapes meant to be wine

it’s not fine the blade has spoken

a mango blast

a tango last

Poetry · Writing

caviar verse

jumpin’ off a building with a blindfold on

never feared the bottom when the lights go on

changed my id when light turns to dawn-

and jump;

-battered brain loose feel it ridin’ goose

–sailin’ true never lied or held the truth

—this is that moment it was never stolen (took you long enough)

like what’s up danger

i’ve been waiting for you