Poetry · Writing

sincerely, lily

lyin’ to these boys

you were never invited

fell ablaze and denied it

lyin’ to these boys:

you were never invited

wandered the world

can’t trust anyone with a mask on

brings you back to those days we act young

dark times: hood up top down rollin’ blocks

flying high they called us the young hawks

lyin’ to these boys

twenty five and we failed em

twnety one and we runnin’ out of time

you were never invited

stormin’ the waters but you babbies are just overcastin’


but not really

the words out your mouth are just silly

yes really

no they aren’t busy

they just don’t want to see your face sincerely, lily


lyin’ to these boys

your the guest of honor

just not for honor

two years will all be goners

you say we are all on a roll

dishonor to the ones out yondor

stay home

you weren’t invited

Poetry · Writing


pick ya feet up

not a three legged pup

i watched you sprint up and down the street

screaming from a stop sign you don’t know defeat

now limping around

on the stand is a crown

lyin’ around

now you got your feet up

stay up you are ’bouta blow up

don’t move; this is your close up

hit it with concrete

keep your receipt

you’re on the hot seat;


Poetry · Writing


i believe it’s meant to be

when the rain swept away

the nine on the night of wine

left all on the right wing

so i sink

swept away on the nine

i remember the wine

in boxes- floating

sent away with a sticker in rain

meant to be

swept in the rain


on the night of wine

Poetry · Writing

board game

i can’t answer

i missed that day


wasn’t invited

locked out of a room

i thought i had a key to

locks changed

password changed

but everyone swears it’s all the same

just pieces on a board game

saying sorry you missed all the clues

lost in a twister a ride for uno

they say to risk it all

but the monopoly you have

on the ships of battle

leaves my ticket to ride


Poetry · Writing

hollow being;

i remember screaming;

screaming in the middle of the intersection

no one could hear me

in a box of crystal

peaking out into thousand of faces

none shining back;

for a second

at the corner of her eye

i can see she looked

like lazer right through me

an away

the isolation

i remember the cold tips

of the ever lasting crystal


Poetry · Writing

stars and bars

you’re the baddest bitch

and you know it

everyone can see it

and this is the sales pitch;

stop playing.

i can see the practice

in the batters cage

straight to lights on centers stage

just to distract us;

i’m staying.

this world is yours

a seat for me in the front

my favorite scene i do my own stunts

above the stars and bars;

you’re slaying.