Poetry · Writing

witch before time

hard to picture time before you-

where the sky fell before the earth

where did people drown in sorrow before tears

and before wells carried life

before the nights ran long without the warmth of the son;

the son- before the earth

i see an island with a single tree

a flag with a crab

and a witch

cooking a dinner for two


Poetry · Writing

program: one way

just a program

tied hands and a panel for a face,




smashed escape until deleted

mind sweeper;

facebook for two hours

kayla got a puppy

that she stole from her ex boyfriend tyler

like, it was totally awesome



buzzfeed quizes

i am the king of the north

micheal jordan

micheal scott

moon walkin’ skywalkin’


and it’s black-

reminded the processor exist at your will

the fan comes to a swirling halt

and it’s quiet

Poetry · Writing

mermaid on seventh avenue

head above the water,

we were not all created equal,

she whispered.

can’t walk down my neighborhood without flashing lights on your rear

this pool is a blessing

for i am meant to be worshiped,

like a mermaid

you’ll never meet another

don’t bother

for i am your queen,

i’ll escort you, for with me,

you are a hazzard on my leash

Poetry · Writing

mayor of today-

every little sweet picture

every little diction

on trial while promoting

voting for office-

all eyes on me;

figure eight on the side of my brain

reign over my body

and i don’t sell the tickets-

they’ll challenge but i won’t shrivel

the sight of fright won’t make me swivel

and we will

stand up together and give an acceptance speech

to have a say over yourself

Poetry · Writing

seventh club

the experience breaks fear-

found the experience at the tip of a card

now knives break against my skin

folding full houses and straights down the drain

but my knees still shake in the rain

quivering at the memories

traded for guilt

measured in nightmares,

at the tip of the card was a jack,

and now inside this club

try to scrub this sleep clean

before the fear breaks loose

Poetry · Writing



the back of a billboard read- perish.

lined in black paint and red letters

the chalk outline read- perish.

i didn’t know martin- that’s what i decided to call him

for he has no name other then- perish.

a lasting snapshot across two metal pipes

a slapshot in my memory filed under- perish.

i wrote in my journal to make sense of it;

to find lines to read between to justify time of life

and it all doesn’t just round up to- perish.

so i’ll give him a line, the least i can do

too see that red and black paint

didn’t erase your name

but will live on in mine,

a statue called-