Poetry · Writing

your song

this dream-

the one that calls me in the morning

eats with me at lunch

and crawls into my sheets every night-

i remember our first dance

to Maroon 5 in a gym

now we slow dance to Elton John

i miss my wife

but this life

swipes my throat like a pup’s belly.


Poetry · Writing

lucky charms

the boy eats porridge

every morning

never deviates or wanders

never wonders about lucky charms

what is lucky charms doing tonight

who are they with

do they think about me

do they like almond milk or 2%.

never about orange juice

never letting guard down for apples

or other straggle fruits

almond milk or 2%

just porridge,

that’s good enough

Poetry · Writing

mamba out

i remember the first couple games

you were just an ordinary man

ball in the hoop day in night out

than you turned into a legend

eight to twenty four an all star was born

five rings later a legend

four kids later a man

crash later a god.

i can trace my love of sports to you

the evolution of competition

battle through it

come out a little stronger

the mamba mentality

never quit.


Poetry · Writing


fighting away

the urge to fight

just take a flight

find a home

made out of bricks

read about the licks

you missed

in a boat sailing away;

far away

that ain’t very fair

they made you mayor

now they call you traitor

blow your brains out with a lazer

and that wouldn’t phase her

found her drawn in crayons so i traced her

just so i can taste her