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Trainer Orange Ep. 16

The crowd roared as the tournament continued. Franklin stood backstage swaying side to side holding his left arm.

“Alright, Franklin your match is next. Here are your three Pokemon,” said Professor Ivy’s assistant. Two of the balls were Pokeballs and one was turquoise with black webbing.

The cold breeze rushed from the stadium, “and that’s it ladies and gentlemen! Lance takes this match three to zero!”

Lance walked through the tunnel when Franklin was waiting, “Congratulations, Lance, the Pokemon please,” the assistant said. Lance handed her the balls and stared at Franklin. Lance wore a large green coat and a tan adventure hat under a full body and full facial hair. Lance also towered over Franklin being almost a foot taller.

“Alright the next match is going to start!” The crowd roared as Franklin heard the stage shift. “Now, we have a new comer in this next match. A young kid from Valencia Island, trainer 100382, Franklin!”

The crowd cheered as Franklin’s knees shook as he walked the tunnel. Bright lights blinded the faces of the crowd, the only face he could see was the announcer. The stage last match had pools of water, this one was rough earth and large jagged rocks.

“And his opponent is a veteran and already has the Spike Shell badge! Please welcome trainer 000158, Jullie!” The crowd shouted louder for Jullie than they did for Franklin. Jullie didn’t look much older than Franklin. Jullie’s long black hair hung down to her plaid green skirt and a tucked in white school shirt covered by a black sweater and black clogs with long black socks.

“Hey, Franklin, I’m here to be the best and your just another trainer for me to crush,” Jullie shouted.

“And battle!”


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