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Trainer Orange Ep. 17

Jullie launched the ball,

“We have a Sandshrew!”

Sandshrew was a mustard colored mouse Pokemon small and a colorless belly.

Sandshrew is a ground type. Sandshrew will be strong in this arena.

Franklin peered down into the ball bag and took the one with the black ridges.


“I noticed one of the Pokeballs on your sash is blue,” Franklin said to Vanessa.

“Yeah, it’s called a Great Ball. Its better at catching Pokemon than the typical Poke Ball but it’s more expensive. There is a bunch of different Poke Ball’s in the world, I have some listed in the Pokedex if you want to check those out too.”


I hope there is a water Pokemon in this Net Ball.

Franklin launched the Net Ball,

“It’s a Squirtle!”

Squirtle was a tiny cadet turtle, same height as the Sandshrew, and a squirrel style tail.

“Go, Sandshrew, Mudshot,” Julie commanded.

Sandshrew sucked in air and spit thick mud from its cheek.

“Squirtle, Water Gun!” Squirtle also swallowed air and spit water towards the incoming water.

The two streams concluded and both Pokemon caught their breath.

“Sandshrew, dig!” Sandshrew burrowed under the earth arena hiding his presence.

Squirtle and Franklin looked side to side for the missing mouse. The earth shifted as a furious burrower closed in on Squirtle.

“Squirtle, Withdraw!” Sandshrew shot from the earth under the turtle hiding itself within its shell, sending Squirtle into the air.

“Now, Squirtle, Water Gun!” Squirtle poked its head and launched a jet of water at the floating mouse. Sandshrew crashed down to the earth pinned by Squirtle’s attack.

The Gun ceased, “Sandshrew is unable to battle… Squirtle wins the first round!”

The crowd cheered and encored, they want more.

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